What I Wish I Knew | Reflections & Advice from Brides Who Have Walked Down the Aisle

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and incredibly stressful times in your life, am I right? How is it that you can be floating on cloud nine sharing your wedding date with people one day, and ready to bite the head off the next person who asks you how many days left until the big day the very next?

The answer is simple.

You’re a bride!

With so much to look forward to and so much planning to get there, sometimes it’s easy to let the overwhelming feeling overshadow the excitement. Every bride (and even groom) who’s walked down the aisle has a few things she wishes she knew beforehand. Here are a few tokens of advice to keep in mind as you’re gearing up for your big day.

Focus on the things that matter most.

“No one will notice the details that you don’t care about. Don’t stress yourself out about table linens if it’s not something that feels important to you. People will notice the details that mean the most to you.”

~ Kelly Sutton, Just Married

Save-the-Dates, floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, place cards, song choices – the list is endless. Some might even say the expression “the devil is in the details” came from a bride planning her wedding! There may be moments that you find yourself going in circles over some of the details of your wedding, and it is then that you can remind yourself that not everything is deserving of your time. The same thing can be said for the things loved ones feel you “have to do” a certain way; the seating chart, music choices, bar options, etc. Decisions must be made, yes, but think of the specific parts of the wedding itself that mean the most to you, and put your focus and energy there. The other things are just a check off your list! Your guests will take notice of the things that you put your heart into the most and really speak to you and your fiancé. Those are the elements that make your wedding stand out.

The best weddings (and marriages) are built on imperfection.

“Something will always go wrong, and it’s okay. You’re still getting married.”

~ Kimberly Eubanks, Married 1 Year

When asking several brides what they wish they’d known, this was a common response! The bad news is that you can plan every last detail of your wedding and something will surely go awry. The good news is, more than likely, you won’t even notice when it does. (My wedding cake was delivered nearly completely slanted over, and my card box went missing at some point. Never had a clue!) The even better news? You’ll be married to your best friend at the end of the day regardless. There is something almost freeing when you realize that perfection is an unrealistic goal. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting the perfect wedding day, and nearly all brides do it; just let the little things that don’t go according to plan roll off your shoulders. In the grand scheme of things, they won’t mean a thing. 

Stop and smell the roses

“It goes by so fast. People say it all the time, but I wish I knew how true it really was. The best advice my fiancé and I received was to remember to stop at least three times during the wedding to really look around and take it all in.”

~ Taryn Jerez, Married 7 Years       

When you get to the big day, be sure to enjoy every moment. The idea is that you only get to do this once, after all! Don’t worry about the sequence of events during the reception or who is sitting where, just allow yourself to be in awe of who you’re with and how you two got there. Breathe it all in. Your wedding day will be one of the best memories of your life with your spouse, so make sure you both have support that day from family or your bridal party for the facilitating so you two can just be in the moment and create incredible memories of becoming husband and wife!