Why You Should Hire A Planner: Two Perspectives

When it comes to wedding planners, statistics tell us only 19% of brides budget for a planner. Yet, many brides regret that they didn’t. Unless you are a DIYer along the lines of Martha Stewart, a wedding planner is a wise investment for the most important day of your life. You want to cherish the memories and moments… not spend the morning of your wedding going through a checklist of to-do’s.

Meet Brooke and Katie… they got married within a year of each other. Brooke hired a wedding planner, whereas Katie did not.

The Girl Who Did (By Brooke Eagle)

Having family friends who also run a successful event planning business made it a no-brainer for me to hire a planner. I knew they would do an amazing job to make sure our big day was stress-free.

While not every bride will deal with rain on her wedding day, every bride will deal with the POSSIBILITY of rain on her wedding day. It didn’t simply rain on our wedding day, we had a torrential downpour less than an hour before our outdoor ceremony was scheduled to start. I owe our ability to keep our cool and calm demeanor to our fabulous wedding planners. If we hadn’t had them there to maneuver 350+ guests back inside and completely rearrange our ceremony in less than 20 minutes, I’m not exactly sure what I would’ve done but the word “bridezilla” comes to mind. For this reason alone – the CHANCE of bad weather happening on your wedding day – I would recommend making the investment.

However, this is just scratching the surface of what they did for our wedding. We had meetings with the caterer, the florist, the rental company, the venue, the videographer, the DJ, etc. and it was so nice to have a planner with us to guide us during this process. They didn’t tell us what to do, but gave their experienced opinion on things they have seen work well and (just as importantly) things that didn’t work well. I would imagine it would be a little more than slightly intimidating to plan all this without someone who has planned weddings for several years.

Pinterest is great, but it certainly does not take the place of an experienced wedding planner. So, brides… for your sanity while planning your wedding and ESPECIALLY for your sanity on the day of your wedding, do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planner.  

The Girl Who Didn’t (By Katie Marsh)

For my wedding, I honestly just wanted to go to the justice of the peace. It was my husband who wanted the big, white wedding. I agreed, but under the one condition: the wedding planning had to be fun.

And it was. For the most part. We enjoyed the process of brainstorming ideas, but on the day before the wedding, things stopped being very fun. I was recovering from an unexpected bout of kidney stones, which had really put me behind. You can’t plan for things like that. And I truly wish I’d had someone there the day before and the day of the wedding.

The day before the wedding, I felt like someone had put everything on fast-forward and I couldn’t get to everything. Our DIY centerpieces had been slightly mangled during transport and I was frantically trying to put things back together. Thank goodness for a very patient bridesmaid because when I threw the glue gun down in frustration and said, “I don’t care,” she took over and got things put together again.

I arrived at our rehearsal both overwhelmed and without our wedding music or a copy of the marriage license because I’d run all day trying to get everything done.

The wedding itself was fine, but I admittedly made some poor choices when it came to the reception, specifically asking friends to run music instead of hiring a DJ. I was trying so hard to be budget conscious that I made some decisions I regret. I wish I’d had a wedding planner to help me talk through some of these elements beforehand.

In hindsight, there are several things I would have done differently for my wedding. Hiring a professional to help organize things and give me peace of mind during a time of incredible stress would have been worth every penny!