Wedding Themes to Watch in 2020


When it is first suggested to you that you need a theme for your upcoming wedding celebration, you may feel a bit incredulous. “Wait, what?! I know that I need a dress and a venue and flowers, but I need a theme?! Isn’t ‘married’ the theme?”

Instead of another thing to add to your to-do list, think of choosing your theme as finding the helpful glue that will bring all of your wedding elements together and actually prevent the planning process from getting out-of-whack and overwhelming. Having a theme is basically a guideline to follow, and it will help eliminate unnecessary elements from sneaking in.

Perhaps you’ve had a wedding theme in mind since you first acted it out with your Barbie dolls. Great, then you’re all set to go. Share your vision with your wedding planner, and you’re off and running! On the other hand, if deciding on a wedding theme is not your idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon, here is a list of the top five themes that are expected to be trendy and, well, quite fabulous, in 2020!

The Roaring 20s

As the teenagers would say, obvi! I mean it’s only once every hundred years that the 20s come along, so it is kind of a big deal. And, since the 1920s simply gushed with style and decadence, I think it’s safe to say that brides planning their 2020 weddings will likely be considering this theme, too! Here are a few Roaring 20s elements to consider:

  • Embellished gowns (aka beads, fringe, pearls, feathers, anything sparkly)
  • Headpieces instead of veils
  • Swing music
  • Oversized florals
  • Champagne. Lots and lots and LOTS of champagne!


Think tropical but with less sand and flip-flops and lusher, jungle greenery and glam! If you have the benefit of being near the beach for this one, you’re one step ahead. If not, you can absolutely still make this theme work for you by highlighting a few bold concepts:

  • Exotic blooms, air plants and palm leaves of all shapes and sizes
  • Your signature drink served in a pineapple
  • Wicker furniture
  • Dresses or men’s ties in a bold, tropical print
  • Flamingos

Never Desert Me

Oh succulents, look what you started! Suddenly, these edgy plants are not only adorning centerpieces and bouquets, but they’ve opened our eyes to a desert theme featuring the beauty of dusty tones and harsher lines. Destination wedding anyone? Hello Arizona, New Mexico and California!

  • Boho-style attire
  • Wooden accents
  • Antlers…and not just from a deer!
  • Burnt red, burnt orange, burnt gold…all the burnts!
  • Geometric arbors

Oh, Morocco

Just a tiny country nestled in the northern corner of Africa, but oh, the inspiration! With coasts along both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, a Moroccan theme lends itself to coastal elements, as well. And, if you ever needed an excuse to be bold with color, this is it!

  • Jewel tones paired with gold and brass
  • Bare feet with drippy ankle bracelets and toe rings
  • Filigree hanging lanterns, lanterns on the tables, lanterns on the floor…never too many lanterns!
  • Flowy fabric curtains of red, orange and purple
  • Bright colored poofs to sit on around carved, low wooden tables

Rock and Roll Forever!

If “your song” means more to you and your fiancé than just a sweet tune that makes you smile, then this might be your theme! Did you meet at a Coldplay concert? Are you both musicians or roadies? Or, do you just like mixing things up a bit and want to surprise and delight your family and friends? After all – who doesn’t appreciate good ‘ole American rock-n-roll?

  • Black calla lily floral arrangements
  • Velvet smoking jackets
  • Glass, crystal, sparkly chandeliers
  • Vintage 45s in the centerpieces or used as table numbers
  • Temporary tattoo party favors

Put any of these style suggestions into the search bar on Pinterest, and you can kiss two hours of your life goodbye as you enjoy perusing the creative options for these, and many other, wedding themes. Just be sure to send us a photo from your celebration if this article inspired you to select your 2020 wedding theme!