Wedding Themes Defined: Which One Are You?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things to consider. What will your dress look like? What flavors of cake will you have? Along with these decisions comes one of the most important — what theme will your wedding center around?

A wedding theme reflects the couple’s personal style. Your wedding theme can be inspired by a city or place, season, or your favorite hobbies, as well as, songs, movies and books. This theme is then displayed through the wedding’s invitations, decorations, centerpieces and even the design of your cake. But, how do you go about finding your perfect wedding theme? Think about your style, personality and favorites. Do you love the beach, or do you like more of a rustic atmosphere? Also, think about what colors, symbols and patterns are meaningful to you.

Below are some of the more popular wedding themes to get you started:

Shabby Chic – A shabby chic-themed wedding consists of soft hues, distressed furniture and light color fabrics. This theme creates a vintage, homespun feel. Some decoration ideas include mason jars with burlap and lace, old picture frames and flowers. Usually, this type of wedding is located outside in a farm or country setting.

Rustic – A rustic wedding includes a country-inspired atmosphere. Flowers, wood and lace help create a rustic feel through all parts of the wedding. This wedding theme is similar to shabby chic, and the wedding is usually outside.

Vintage – Do you love old things and nostalgia? A vintage-themed wedding uses old family heirlooms, antique style dresses and distressed furniture to help create the feeling. Also, it includes timeless music and other old-timey accessories. A version of a vintage-themed wedding could be a Victorian-inspired wedding. You could even incorporate older pieces of jewelry to your décor.

Vineyard – Within the last few years, wineries and vineyards have become very popular venues. Deep colors, such as reds and purple, can be used in decorations, clothing and accessories. Use wine bottles and other winery items as accent pieces. For example, use wine bottles as table numbers or for a guest book or turn wine corks into place cards.

Seaside – A seaside wedding is usually held in the summer and held on the beach or close to it at a club or resort. There are many ways to decorate for a seaside wedding. You can go with the nautical feel or the beach feel with sand, starfish, sand dollars, etc. One cute idea is giving your guests a pair of flip-flops to wear during the ceremony and reception.

Books and Movies – There have been some weddings with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc. themes. If you both love books or have a favorite movie, this theme can be fun to center your wedding around. Some popular ideas are the The Wizard of Oz and The Great Gatsby.

Holiday – Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are big holidays for wedding themes. Some other ideas include Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day. These types of weddings can either happen on the holiday or near the day. Colors, invitations, decorations and venues are chosen based on the holiday. For example, a New Year’s wedding could be held on New Year’s Eve with the gold, silver and white as the colors along with lots of sparkles.

Travel – Whisk your guests off to an imaginary destination at your wedding. If you and your fiancé love to travel and explore new places, this is the right theme for you. Invitations could resemble passports or plane tickets. Table numbers could be various destinations. A sense of travel can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding.

Old Hollywood – Think 1950s, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Decorations could include shades of red, gold, white and black as well as stars and vintage items. Arrive in style in a vintage car, and roll out the red carpet for you, your wedding party and guests. This wedding theme is full of old Hollywood charm and glamour.

Garden – A garden theme is one version of an outdoor wedding. The venue could be a garden setting with decorations of flowers, trees and lots of colors. This theme is very diverse in the sense that gardens come in all styles. Also, this theme can be altered to include a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Time Periods – Have a favorite decade or time in history? Some theme ideas can be the 1920s, 1950s or 1970s, and the decade can be reflected through your invitations, decorations, cake and more. Take it a step further and have your guests come in period clothing.

Once you decide on your wedding theme, get creative and have fun. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Let your wedding theme reflect you and your fiancé, and the memories of your special day will always stay with you.



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