Wedding Party Gifts

Before the mountain of presents arrives for you and your future spouse, think about what you would like to give to your bridal party and all those who will help to make your big day one of the biggest of your life. Not everyone thinks about their parents when it comes to wedding “thank you” gifts, but for those who do, it can mean so much to the people who helped you organize and pay for your wedding and the events leading up to it.

For those who have been in wedding parties before, the cliché wedding gifts are to be expected. Been a bridesmaid more than once? How many monogrammed items do you have now? Taken a few trips down the aisle as a groomsman? How many monogrammed pens or flasks do you have now? The gifts can certainly fall into a rut of predictable. There are so many sites that boast about wedding party gifts, and most of the time, they fall far short of extraordinary or memorable.

Nowhere does it say that bridal party gifts have to be the same – why not get something different for each of your attendants? Maybe something personal that signifies your relationship or something meaningful for the two of you?

Ideally, these gifts will be ones that your friends and loved ones will hold on to for a while and cherish. You don’t want to get gift cards or anything impersonal that will be used and forgotten. Think about their personalities. You don’t want to get monogrammed beer steins for a groomsmen who is a wine enthusiast or dangly jewelry for your tomboy bridesmaid.

Here are a few ideas based on some unique personalities:

  • For the friend who loves to travel – think about a nice bag or personalized passport holder.
  • For the friend who loves to entertain – think about a funky tray or marble wine bottle holder.
  • For the friend who loves to go out – think about a beautiful, handmade necklace or pair of earrings (you can find lots of unique pieces on Etsy).
  • For the friend who loves to stay in – think about a cozy, luxurious blanket or personalized wine glasses and a nice bottle of wine.
  • For the friend who is impossible to shop for – think of asking her family and other friends for suggestions! Maybe she loves coffee and would enjoy a monogrammed coffee press, or lives in an area that lends itself to a certain hobby or activity and could use a few accessories she would enjoy.

Whatever you do, try to make it something meaningful for each person. Your friends and family have put a lot of time, effort and money into making your wedding as special as you have dreamed it to be – make sure you thank them appropriately.

This can certainly be hard when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your parents. This is also an area where you can think a little more outside the box. Depending on your budget for gifts, consider a weekend getaway at a nice hotel or bed and breakfast to relax after all the wedding stress is behind them. Finances a little tighter? Maybe a massage for your mom or a round of golf for your dad would be better! No one knows your family better than you, so do a little searching online, talk to other family and friends and figure out something great!

Also, remember that they will all love whatever you get them, and they will appreciate the thought that went into it. No one EXPECTS to receive a gift from the bride and groom, so make it an extra special surprise if you can!