Wedding Events: Find Out Who is Invited to What

It happened! Your partner proposed, and you’ve been floating around on a fluffy cloud, dreaming of your future ever since. You’re going to be a bride soon! And, as exciting as it is, it can also be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. We want you to keep floating on your cloud, so below you can see who to invite to each event leading up to your wedding.

Engagement Party

That’s right, you get to stop and celebrate this milestone before the madness of wedding planning begins, yay! Now you don’t have to have an engagement party if that’s not your style, but it’s fun to bask in the excitement of your engagement for awhile.

Who do you invite? The families from both sides as well as close friends and any other wedding party members. A good rule: If they will be invited to the wedding, they should be invited.

Bridal Shower

This is meant to be an intimate event where the bride is “showered” with gifts to celebrate and support the start of her new married life (so, yay gifts!). But, don’t get greedy with your invitation list!

Who do you invite? The guest list should include bride’s attendants and other close friends of the bride, in addition to local family members (mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, aunts). Don’t invite someone who isn’t invited to the wedding or anyone from out of state. You don’t want them to think they need to send a gift.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party

We’ve all seen a movie depicting a wild bachelorette party where the future mother-in-law was invited, and so the bride is inevitably embarrassed by the antics of the evening. Don’t let that happen to your bride (or groom)!

Who do you invite? These parties are usually planned by the maid of honor or best man, so consider who the bride or groom would want in attendance. The invitation list can include just bridesmaids/groomsmen, or even coworkers, who may not be able to attend the wedding. Remember, you don’t want to invite anyone who would be uncomfortable at the party.

These rules can also apply to a couple’s party if you choose to have a joint celebration.

Rehearsal Dinner

Now that your wedding is literally right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate with everyone one last night!

Who do you invite? Now your rehearsal dinner guest list can vary. You can choose to host your immediate families, the wedding party and the officiant and his/her spouse for an intimate gathering. Or, you can make it a larger event by also inviting guests arriving from out of town for the wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement!