Wedding Cake/Dessert Trends

In the midst of all the planning you will do for your wedding day, one item is easy to check off your to-do list – the dessert! Most bakeries and cake chefs will offer tastings, so you can decide exactly what flavors will suit your needs for the big day. While beautiful, classic, multi-tiered cakes will always be crowd-pleasers, there are other more trendy options available to couples that want to add a little pizzazz to the celebration!

Chocolate Bar – Gather some clear glass jars, vases or anything else with a lot of room to fill with your favorite, unwrapped candies. Dress up the containers with ribbon and include description cards that read “Chocolate Caramel Cookie Delights” for Twix Bars or “Chocolate Peanut Butter Dreams” for Reese’s Cups. Include cute bags designed to reflect your new monogram or a photo for guests to make their selections. These can also be used as favors!

Unique Cake Ingredients – This is especially fun if your wedding takes place in the morning when your cake can be made of pancakes or crepes. There are so many options here, including toppings and funky designs, as well as multiple cakes at very reasonable prices!

Cupcake Towers – This is a great option when you want to include several flavors but may not have the budget for several tiers on a traditional cake. Cupcakes can have all kinds of decorations, flavors and fun designs!

Late Night Snacks – Think a milk-and-cookie pick-me-up for your guests as they dance the night away. The extra jolt of sugar may be just what they need to get back on the dance floor. Coffee can also do the trick…consider a coffee bar if the location permits…maybe even with a specialty barista who can create some fantastic fancy options.

Dessert Tables – While you can still have a cake for the traditional cake cutting photo op…some guests will really appreciate other options like cake pops, macaroons, truffles, ice cream and cupcakes!

And…drumroll, please…

Doughnut Wall – You knew it was coming! Well, it’s here. The doughnut wall is officially a favorite among trendy couples for dessert statements. This is a double-duty dessert because they look beautiful hanging on the wall when done well, AND your guests will have a blast choosing one, two or ten to devour during the night! The possibilities are endless!

But, if you prefer traditional…

Tiered Cake – You will never go wrong with this option…it is timeless! With all the gorgeous designs and possibilities with cake these days, you can truly wow your guests with something spectacular. Gone are the days of plain cake with white icing and bride and groom figurines on top. Now, you can do just about anything – there are even cakes with motors inside, so they can move around the room – though that may be dangerous with a cake that’s four or five tiers! Meet with the experts, and let them show you all the options available to you…and don’t forget to enjoy the tasting!