Wedding Bouquets — Putting Your Special Touch on Your Special Day

Through the years there have been many changes in weddings. No longer do all brides dress in white or ivory, send engraved invitations on ivory card stock, marry in their hometowns, have white cakes topped with a bride and groom or carry a bouquet that is just like the one seen in every other girl’s wedding. Instead of cookie-cutter celebrations, weddings now take on the style and personality of the couple. This is reflected in all aspects of the ceremony and reception down to the smallest detail. Where most brides carry a bouquet made of fresh flowers, now brides can incorporate their themes, settings and personalities into their bouquets.

  • Beach wedding? Consider a bouquet made of shells or have shells interspersed among flowers or greenery.
  • Books or music a big part of your life? Create flowers using sheet music or pages from a novel, or have strips of them woven among the flowers.
  • Having a country wedding? Consider adding burlap roses or flowers made from cloth. Use dried materials or fresh foliage indigenous to the area to add color, if desired.
  • Dealing with a tropical climate and worried about wilting fresh flowers? Beautiful bouquets can be made using silk flowers (that today are almost impossible to differentiate from the real thing).
  • Do you envision a wedding with plenty of glitz, glam and sparkle? For a lot of sparkle, your bouquet can be made entirely of costume jewelry. For those wanting to add a touch of bling, rhinestone-topped pins can be inserted into the center of fresh or silk flowers. One thing to keep in mind is the weight of a jeweled bouquet.
  • Do not be afraid to use unconventional items in making your bouquet.
  • Remember to have a “toss” bouquet made, so you can preserve yours.

Once you have decided what you would like your bouquet to look like and the materials you would like to incorporate, make sure you or someone else can make it happen. It is important, especially if it is unconventional, to attempt the look you are after in plenty of time to make adjustments to the design or rethink it entirely. Even if you are creative or “crafty,” this may be something you will need to bring in a professional on.