Wedding Alters and Backdrops

Since the exchanging of the vows is one of the most photographed moments from your wedding day, it’s important to put some serious thought into your ceremony altar. Whether you’re tying the knot in your childhood church, a rustic barn or a grand ballroom, finding the right type of structure that fits the space and your wedding theme can be a tough task. Logistics such as a ceremony location, your overall design palette or theme, and even budget can all be factors to consider when designing your backdrop or altar.

Indoor Occasions

Hosting your wedding ceremony away from nature’s elements has its benefits; however, adding color and creativity to a stark ballroom can provide its difficulties. Architectural anchoring points such as French doors, a large window or a beautiful crystal chandelier make centralized, and beautiful, focal points that will ensure all guests keep their eyes on the bride and groom.

Outdoor Occasions

An outdoor ceremony can offer a variety of backdrop or alter possibilities, but it is important to keep in mind how Mother Nature’s elements may tie into the logistics of the day. Whether it may be wind or heavy rain objects or flowing fabric may be too risky to incorporate into your design, however, adding natural elements such as twisted vines or flowing greenery can enhance the natural beauty an outdoor ceremony entails. Glowing candlelight in votive glasses and lanterns add a touch of romance while not overpowering the natural elements surrounding the space.

If you are, however, holding your ceremony with a breathtaking backdrop, let the natural scenery do the talking. A mountain backdrop or hillside façade can be a backdrop in and of itself. Adding flower petals as an aisle may just be all you need.

Rustic and Laid Back Affairs

Being a laid back bride has never been easier with today’s rustic chic décor being more popular than ever. If you are a barn or burlap bride, wooden pallets, bales of hay or even refurbished wine barrels can set the scene for your wedding ceremony perfectly. Mason jars full of wildflowers or candles atop sliced tree trunks are easy DIYs and can even be a more budget-friendly option for your ceremony design.

Traditional and Formal Affairs

Tightly arranged florals and a traditional white aisle runner will ensure your ceremony remains timeless throughout the years. Classic candelabras, commonly lit by family or friends before the ceremony, can easily provide elements of traditional ceremony practices in your modern wedding today.

Whimsical and Non-Traditional Affairs

If bold colors, quirky details and non-traditional elements speak to your heart, your ceremony backdrop can provide the perfect place for your fun and quirky style to shine. Colorful ribbons of various widths and textures, floating balloons or even colorful paper fans all add your personality and a touch of whimsy to your ceremony. Pair with bright florals and non-traditional décor, and you can create a ceremony space that reflects you and your groom’s taste but will also be one of fun and remembrance for all of your guests.

Modern and Chic Affairs

Sometimes less is more. Crisp and sleek lines, dramatic lighting and décor dripping in crystals are all staples in contemporary wedding décor. Designing a backdrop of modern and chic style can not only be simple to create but can also provide the perfect blank canvas for you and your groom to stand in the forefront. Simple white drapery, candles in sleek glass containers or string lights hung in symmetrical lines are effortless and contemporary elements that can turn even a traditional venue into a polished and refined space.

Whether you consider yourself to be traditional or contemporary, rustic or glam, the most important component of your ceremony altar is you and your groom. Whether you say “I do” under 1,000 roses or in your childhood home, creating a space that meets your definition of beauty and allows your creativity to shine is the most important note to consider. Have fun, be imaginative and let your ceremony come to life through a customized and tailored-to-you backdrop.