Urban Travel Design – Your Stress-Free Honeymoon Awaits


After months of planning and savoring the true gift of a perfect wedding day, there’s one more event to look forward to as you celebrate your newlywed status: Your honeymoon!

Just as you’ve relied on the tried-and-true experts to coordinate every aspect of your celebration so far, trust your trip of a lifetime to the professionals, too, as you finally relax as a couple and enjoy the first days of married life.

Totally prepared to take over your travel planning with meticulous attention to detail, Urban Travel Design is a locally based small business in the Kernersville area and an independent contractor for Travel Planners International.

Urban Travel Design’s Michael Sullivan promises a customized travel experience that saves you both money and time! “We are available to you seven days a week,” said Michael. “Once you book with us, we don’t fade away! We are in touch up until the day you leave for your destination, and upon your return, we reach out to hear how wonderful your experience was and to get started planning your next getaway!” (We’re thinking a fabulous first anniversary adventure!)

With so many online booking options competing for your attention, there are often misconceptions about actual travel agents, yet there are more and more reasons why it’s the best way to go.

What are some common myths?

  • The need for travel agencies has passed. False!
  • There are no more brick and mortar travel businesses. False!
  • No one needs to pay a travel “advisor” when they have online options for flight and hotel bookings they can do right from home. False!

What are the real truths?

  • People spend an average of 30 hours, visiting 30 web sites, to plan their honeymoon getaway.
  • It takes Urban Travel Design typically less than an hour to see if a client can save more money – even if they’ve planned their trip online – and to validate the arrangements you’ve made.
  • Clients save – on average — $400 per trip using Urban Travel Design. One recent couple went from spending $6,000 for their trip to New Zealand/Australia, down to $4,800, once they allowed Urban Travel Design to take over their planning. Just think what newlyweds with a new home could do with that savings!
  • Twenty-five percent of weddings are now destination weddings, with Mexico the number one international destination wedding spot, and Las Vegas, the number one domestic destination. Often you can save as much as 60% if you coordinate your destination ceremony, reception and honeymoon all at the same time. (Hint: Depending on the size of your guest list, some ceremonies can be free for Caribbean destinations.)
  • The average newlywed couple spends $4,600 for a honeymoon, while more “luxury” honeymooners might average $9,800 over a 10- or 11-day period.
  • All services provided by Urban Travel Design are of no added cost to you or your trip. It’s like gaining a personal assistant!

While putting together your wedding planning timeline, remember your honeymoon trip should be booked six months before your actual travel date. Start now by learning more about the benefits of hiring a professional travel planner for your post-wedding adventure, and start dreaming of your escape to rest and relaxation as a newly married couple!

Get to know Urban Travel Design, and how they work tirelessly for their clients, by calling 336.682.8964, or emailing michael@urbantraveldesign.com. Follow them on Facebook for travel tips, special offers and glimpses of amazing dream destinations!