Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas



When going down your wedding planning checklist, do not overlook the importance of having a guest book. After you have your venue, dress, floral arrangements and music in place, it is time to relax and have a little fun. The guest book is a great way to remember who attended your wedding for years to come. What you may not realize is that the guest book, or an alternate way of taking a head count, is an opportunity to show off your personality to others on your special day. The key is to get creative.

There is no one way to manage your guest book for the big day. Some fun ideas include:

  • Have a photographer take pictures of guests as they pick up their name cards or check out the seating chart. At the end of the evening, you will have a photo of everybody to cherish.
  • Consider you and your partner’s hobbies such as if you like nature; each guest can sign their name or draw a picture on a rock. It does not have to be fancy, but you can keep them in a bowl or vase.
  • For the adventurous couple who likes to travel, consider getting a large globe and permanent markers, so guests can sign the globe when they walk in.
  • Select a poster either of you and your spouse-to-be or of something meaningful to you. Have others sign it and leave messages that you can reflect back on down the road.
  • For the artsy at heart, you can buy squares of fabric and have guests write notes on them. Later, you can turn them into a blanket or quilt.
  • Design puzzle pieces where each guest writes a message, and you can have fun putting it all together over and over again.
  • Get a box with a pretty design or a large bottle that you can put small pieces of paper inside with messages from the guests. You may choose to save the box or bottle for special occasions like anniversaries to read the contents.
  • Pick a painting or wooden object of significance like a heart or a shape of the state you met, and have others sign it.
  • Create a document on an iPad that others can type a message on for you to save.
  • Purchase a poster board, and put it on an easel for guests to leave words of love or humor to last a lifetime.
  • Gather pictures or postcards, and have guests leave notes on them for you to read after the big day is over.
  • Set out a big jar, and have married guests leave advice inside as to how to create a successful marriage.

While the wedding night comes and goes before you know it, the guest book is something that you can have and hold for a lifetime. For the couple who wants to stick with the traditional guest book, there are still many options. There are some factors to consider in your choice, such as:

  • Whether your style is plain or elegant
  • Favorite colors
  • A preferred theme
  • Hobbies
  • Personalized monogramming or engraving

Remember, if you are special-ordering your guest book, do not wait until the last minute as it can take several weeks. With a little extra planning, you can make the guest book any style from simple to sophisticated and reflective of you as a couple.