Unique Guest Book Ideas

There are many traditions when it comes to your wedding day. Whether you are traditional or not, odds are that several of them will find a way to sneak into the big event even if you don’t realize it. Those who find some traditions outdated or unnecessary are finding new ways to reinvent these time-honored customs. One of the ways couples are getting creative is with the guest book. How many of us have a guest book collecting dust in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere? How many of them were not even filled out by everyone who attended the wedding? Below are some modern ways to bring life back to the guest book and turn it into a tradition you will enjoy for many years to come!

Wooden Monogram– You can get really creative with this one…especially if you are into the farmhouse craze. You can use reclaimed wood or distress new wood to make it look aged. A lot of great options can be found on Etsy. Then, have your guests sign the monogram with Sharpies or markers. You can protect the signatures with a clear coat or leave it raw.

Photo Album– Create a photo album on a site like Shutterfly of your favorite moments from your lives pre-marriage. They can be photos of trips you have taken together or cherished memories…it can also be made up of photos from your lives before you met that you have collected from your families. Make sure to leave space around the photos for all your guests to sign.

Polaroid Camera Snapshots– This will require you to purchase a new retro Polaroid camera and the film refills (which can be pricey), but you can let your guests snap photos of themselves or favorite memories of the night to tape into a memory book or album with written messages beside each photo. This is a great way to remember your guests as they looked on the day of your wedding and to see other elements of the day that might not have been captured by your photographer.

Ornaments– Get a bunch of plain, round ornaments that can be written on, and have your guests write sweet messages to you for your future Christmas tree. If you already have a bunch of ornaments packed away, think about getting a smaller tree that can be used in another room of your house just for your wedding ornaments.

Personalized Hobby– Think of something fun you and your future spouse enjoy doing together. Is it exercising, having game nights or entertaining friends? There are ways to get your guests involved in all of these. If you are exercise enthusiasts, find ways to personalize the items you take on your walks…maybe get water bottles that can be written on in permanent ink or sporting equipment like tennis balls that can include special messages. Like game nights? Have your guests write their names and best wishes on your favorite board game, so you can reminisce while you play! And, when you entertain friends, you can use wine glasses that your guests decorated, a serving tray with sweet messages from your guests and even cutting boards with names and thoughts.

There are so many options, so be creative and find ways that really reflect you and your beloved at this time in your lives. Whatever you do, make sure it is what you want and not what you are pressured to do by those who do not understand breaking from the traditional guest book! You’ll be so glad you followed your gut!