Unforgettable Send-Off Ideas


The cake is cut, and the first dance was a success. But now, it’s time for the grand finale – sending off the bride and groom in style. And, while the classic sparklers are timeless, here are a few more ideas to make the night unforgettable.


Sky Lanterns

If the wedding reception will carry into the night, having your guests release sky lanterns is a beautiful way to take off. There’s nothing quite as romantic as watching these lanterns pepper the sky with their golden light as they ascend towards Heaven. In fact, many Thai people believe they symbolize good luck as the lantern floats away with all your problems and worries. A family safe option may be to use battery operated lights versus an open flame.


Flower Petals

Tossing blooms in the air is for more than just the flower girl and a fantastic way to kick off the reception as the bride and groom walk back down the aisle post-nuptial. They capture beautifully on camera and can be picked to fit your wedding theme colors.



The best post-ceremony option in terms of cleanup, blowing bubbles keeps the night’s ending festive without the mess. Plus, customizing the bubble bottles can double them as a fun guest favor. And, while you may think the bubbles would only work for daytime celebrations, we’re here to throw you a surprise. With adequate ambient light and talking with your photographer ahead of time, the bubbles can be just as visible after dusk. However, another option is to opt for glow-in-the-dark bubbles or to use a bubble machine for constant bubbles.



Like releasing the sky lanterns, butterflies also symbolize a new beginning and a life full of happiness. The butterflies will flutter around the newly married couple for a minute or so before flying free, making for a magical photo opportunity and a memory you’ll never forget. However, we recommend checking to make sure the butterfly release company does ensure the safety of the butterflies during transportation.


Ribbon Wands

Waving ribbon wands are a sweet addition to rustic weddings as they keep take-off simple yet classy. It’s also a perfect DIY project, as you only need your favorite ribbon combination and dowels to tie them onto.


White Rice

Dating back to Roman times, tossing traditional rice provides a cinematic and classic feel to wedding pictures. It’s very budget-friendly and easy to source, while also symbolizing prosperity and fertility.



With a color as stunning as this, tossing lavender can add a beautiful French flair to just about any occasion. It smells amazing, naturally provides relaxation, and creates a romantic feel, unlike any other dried flower.



Go all out with a grand exit by lighting up the sky with your love! If the weather forecast shows a clear night ahead, consider checking with your venue to see if they allow for a full-blown firework display.


Palm Fronds

Whether you’re planning a bohemian wedding theme or it’s simply on a hot day, consider having your guests create an aisle of waving palm fronds as you make your grand exit. It’s eco-friendly, provides a bit of a breeze and creates beautiful send-off photos.


Colored Smoke Bombs

Walk through petite clouds of color as your guests use hand-held smoke bombs to create an ethereal backdrop in your grand finale photos. However, do keep in mind that there is a potential for the colors to stain clothing and venue material.


Champagne Showers

Grab a few bridesmaids and groomsmen to pop a couple of bottles as the newlywed couple races through the spray. And, while things may get a little sticky, it’s nothing that water on a cloth in the car afterward can’t fix in return for the nostalgic photos you’ll receive in the weeks to come.


From your post-nuptial ceremony departure to your grand finale, planning a send-off celebration is something you don’t want to miss out on!