Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas


When you think of a bachelorette party, generally the first image in your head is usually a gaggle of ladies doing shots in a bar wearing tiaras and sashes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this version, there are many other ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials in creative and unconventional ways.

Rage Room

 A rage room is an establishment where you go to let out all of your rage. As in, you literally go into a room with protective gear on and smash a bunch of stuff. If you want to theme it, maybe bring some frames of exes, as well as destroying all your single lady things such as symbolized dating websites, a “little black book” and whatever else you may no longer need as a married woman.

Escape Room

Increasingly popular in the last several years, an escape room with your best gal pals would be a blast for a bachelorette party. The basis behind an escape room is to work together to solve puzzles, riddles and clues in order to get out of the room you are locked in together. Generally, you have a set amount of time to accomplish this, and if you solve everything within that time frame, you win. You can pick the theme in advance, and depending on the owner of the company, can possibly request that they add in some cute inside jokes that relate to your relationship.

Wine and Paint Night

A quintessential girls’ night out, pick a love-related painting for this fun paint-filled bachelorette party. Alternatively, you can go to a paint-your-own pottery studio for a similar “BYOB” experience. Either way, you get to be creative with your friends, snack and wind down.


Who doesn’t love shooting people with paint? Really, have you met anybody who doesn’t enjoy paintball? If you want to make a crazy twist, start the day off with a trip to a thrift store to pick up the most ridiculous and poofy old bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses that you can wear while playing paintball. All of your possibilities of spilling on your actual bridal gown will be reduced for every stain you get on your fake gown. Bonus: You’ll have a zombie bride costume for future Halloween parties after you’re done.

Bar Hop with a Twist

Using the same thrift store dress twist, but this time instead of going out and paintballing, you go bar hopping! This is not for the faint of heart, because you will absolutely be the center of attention if you show up to a downtown bar wearing a 1980s long sleeve lace wedding gown complete with a giant butt bow. Thinking of the laughs and fun, though, it will be an absolute riot. May be a good idea to keep a change of clothes in the car, though, just in case.

Trolley Pub

If you’re looking for exercise, sightseeing and drinking, look no further than booking a party with a local Trolley Pub. Most can fit up to 14 people, and you can make multiple bar and restaurant stops. Not to mention, you’ll get a great leg workout with all of the pedaling!


If your idea of a fun time is spending a weekend in nature, book a group campsite for your bachelorette party! Spend the weekend hiking, relaxing in hammocks, enjoying good food around a campfire and making memories with your besties. Make sure to check the campsite rules before booking; however, to make sure you understand any possible noise and alcohol restrictions.