Traditional/Non-Traditional Color Schemes

While the time of year of your wedding is typically what drives the color palette you choose, it doesn’t have to be. More and more couples are looking for ways to set their wedding apart from the rest with unique colors and expressive patterns. Though the traditional colors are timeless and classic, the following color combinations will certainly turn heads!

– Aqua, Red & White

It seems crazy, but it’s so beautiful! This would be great for a coastal wedding in the summer – think aqua table accents, red borders on the invitations and gorgeous white roses and hydrangeas.

– Hot Pink, Bright Yellow and Plum

Perfect for fall, especially at an outdoor venue when the leaves have started to change. The scenery will add to this color palette and make for some breathtaking photography! You can dress your bridesmaids in one of these colors and accessorize with flowers in the other two.

– Dark Green, Gold and Ivory

Having a winter wedding? This sophisticated group will give you countless options for flowers, attire, décor and venue…it is classic enough to please your more traditional guests and can be dressed up to appeal to your more modern guests! Hint: Try to use as many natural elements as possible with the décor – like greenery wreaths and centerpieces…also, don’t overdo the gold tones, just stick with accents.

– Yellow, Navy and White

This palette can be very fun and gives you opportunities to add some nautical elements like navy and white stripes…just try to keep the stripes to a minimum to avoid looking like you’re on a cruise ship! Think small accents of stripes like bowties or ribbon on the bouquets.

– Plum, Gold and Navy Blue

These would be great for a fall or winter wedding…the rich, bold colors bring warmth during the colder months of the year…they also pick up the colors of the landscape in the fall. If you line the aisle with lit candles during an evening wedding, this will add to the gold tones and really bring out the plum and navy blue accents throughout the venue.

– Light Turquoise, Dark Green and Ivory

Finally, a color combination for a spring wedding! These colors are absolutely gorgeous together and will give you a lot of room to be creative with other elements of the wedding. Because they are all fairly neutral, you can add other colors into your wedding party’s attire, the décor at the venue and the flowers without clashing.

If you are using a wedding planner, ask about colors you have in mind to get feedback on the timing of your wedding and the availability of the flowers you love. While you can get some flowers year-round, picking flowers that are in season will cut down on the cost that might be associated with getting them shipped. Above all, go with your gut and your taste because it will be a day you will never forget!