Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts by the Year



Year 1:

Paper (traditional)

An odd one to think of how to gift, this can be translated into a stationery set with your monogram on it or even a paper ticket to a sports event or concert.

Clocks (modern)

If you want to be literal with this gift, you can purchase a fun wall clock; you can even get creative with incorporating an inside joke as the background of the clock face. Or, you could consider a nice wristwatch.


Year 2:

Cotton (traditional)

Depending on your budget and romantic inclinations you could do anything from a nice t-shirt to a handmade quilt for your bed.

China (modern)

Since many people no longer register for a set of fancy china at their wedding, a second anniversary is a great time to pick them up if you change your mind about wanting them in the first two years of marriage.


Year 3:

Leather (traditional)

Wallets and custom-engraved leather goods are great options with both sentimentality and function in mind.

Glass (modern)

In the same line as engraved leather goods, you can get most glass objects engraved. Wine glasses, whiskey decanters and candle holders are all solid options.


Year 4:

Fruit or Flowers (traditional)

A bouquet of flowers may wilt after a week or two, but an azalea bush will stay for a lifetime. If you own your home together, your fourth year of marriage is the perfect time to invest in flower bushes or fruit trees from your local nursery.

Appliances (modern)

If fruit and flowers aren’t your thing, why not try an air fryer instead?


Year 5:

Wood (traditional)

Another item that can be engraved, wood is also a way to express your creativity if you have access to woodworking tools. Build a side table for your beloved or perhaps a six-pack holder with a built-in bottle opener.

Silverware (modern)

By year five, most likely your matching forks have begun to dwindle, so use this anniversary as an excuse to either fill it back in or upgrade to a different set.


Year 6:

Iron (traditional)

A meaningful way to express your love through iron is to commission an iron monogram wall hanging or maybe a cast iron pan to remind your love to keep making those grilled cheese sandwiches you love so much.

Wood Objects (modern)

With wood objects, the mind is drawn to figurines that relate back to shared experiences or even saving found wooden pieces from special moments and turning them into art pieces.


Year 7:

Copper or Wool (traditional)

Both of these mediums can be combined into a beautiful wall hanging if that’s your cup of tea, or you could separate them for something more practical like copper pots and some wool trivets.

Desk sets (modern)

Even more practical, gift a nice upgraded desk set this year.


Year 8:

Bronze or Pottery (traditional)

Many local potters are very happy to do custom mugs and bowls, which could include wedding dates, names or even inside jokes.

Linen or Lace (modern)

This one may be left best to the imagination, but the PG version is gifting a fancy robe set and matching pajamas.


Year 9:

Willow or Pottery (traditional)

Art commissioned featuring your outlines under a willow tree is a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary after nine years; or you could be literal and pick up a live willow tree.

Leather (modern)

While there are many options for leather (seriously, what can’t be made out of leather?), a notebook where you can write love notes to each other is the perfect way to celebrate your love.


Year 10:

Aluminum or Tin (traditional)

Both metals can be used as the materials for a jewelry box, bowl or coaster set.

Diamond Jewelry (modern)

Many women like to add an anniversary band of diamonds for their ten-year anniversary; men can also enjoy diamond jewelry.