Tips from the Bride and Her Wedding Planner for Preparing a Wedding When an Adverse Event is Expected on Your Big Day


About 10 days out from your wedding, if you start to hear about an adverse weather system approaching, we have provided a list of things to do that will make your life so much easier during this time:

  • Stay in contact with vendors.
  • Either through a wedding planner or event coordinator. As soon as a possible adverse effect is noted around your wedding, have your coordinator reach out to all vendors (either traveling or local) to touch base.
  • If you are a bride flying solo, start a phone thread with all your vendors, so everyone knows any change in plans, this will save you time and energy!


  • Ask about generators.
  • Never too early to do this! If needed and early enough, you can possibly rent one for your event. Talk to your venue about power-outage options and possible “if all else fails” plans for each location of a wedding event.


  • Tents do not hold up in high winds.
  • Have a back-up plan if any of your wedding events require tents. If the winds (even coming off a shore-line coast system) are above a certain speed, the tent vendor will not release the tents for you to use and will probably cancel the order days prior to your wedding. Tent rentals are a liability, so tent rental companies will air on the side of caution and cancel your order to protect their property and ensure guest safely.


  • Consider transportation safety.
  • Even if there is a lot of standing rain, some transportation companies will cancel your order if you have booked an antique get-away car, fun trolley traveling from another city or even a 50-person bus for all your guests. Inquire about back-up options (limos, town cars, SUVs) which might be more durable with heavy rains and high winds.


  • Try not to stay glued to The Weather Channel.
  • You will pull your hair out trying to figure out what the exact weather is going to be on your wedding day. Try to keep a sense of normalcy by exercising, keeping busy and relaxing! Grab a coffee with a friend or have a movie night with your family during the few days prior to your wedding.


  • Photographer knows best.
  • If you were planning to have pictures outdoors, talk with your photographer beforehand about a perfect location indoors or a covered spot for family, wedding party and couple photos. The photographer could pick a location you might not have even thought of and actually like better! Do not scramble the day of to find a picture location with friends and family waiting.


  • Designate a small group of people to contact guests.
  • The last thing the bride needs is guests reaching out to her on her wedding day. If a major change is made, have a dedicated person or small group of people to handle the incoming noise from guests and keep the bride’s stress level at bay.


  • Embrace the weather.
  • My husband and I made the best of it! Cloudy and rainy weather is actually a photographer’s dream because the outdoor lighting is spectacular. Invest in cute umbrellas, ponchos and cheap wedding flip flops which will make for precious and fun wedding party pictures!