Throwing the Perfect Bridal Shower: Snack Edition


The wedding season is more than just an abundance of blossoming flowers, mid-planning chaos, swoon-worthy love notes and fairytale evenings. It’s the perfect excuse to dedicate a few memorable days to your loved one(s). Bridal showers are one of those long-time traditions to celebrate the beautiful bride-to-be, and what better way to adorn the day than with some scrumptious snacks?

Trendy & Simplistic 

A charcuterie spread will not only have everyone’s cameras out to capture this aesthetically pleasing moment, but it is also one of the most satisfying, well-rounded snack ideas.

There are two simple options on which to creatively arrange your charcuterie components upon. The first option is to stretch two layers of brown kraft paper across your serving table. With this option, you only need a few smaller dishes to hold your liquid and petite components, such as jams, nuts, burrata cheese and blueberries. This option is more suited for long, narrow tables where your guests can grab their favorites from all sides. The second option is to use wood and/or marble cheese boards, cutting boards and large serving trays. More than likely, you will still need to use a few smaller dishes. However, this option is fantastic if you want to disperse the charcuterie throughout the room and/or you have a round serving table.

The key to a perfectly cultivated charcuterie spread is creating a festive combination of vibrant colors and textures. For instance, dried apricots, kumquats, blackberries, olives, little dill pickles and heirloom cherry tomatoes add an abundance of beautiful colors. A combination of soft cheeses, like a creamy brie, with aged cheeses, like Parmigiano-Reggiano, add great texture to the snack. If you opt for blue cheese, try pairing it with fresh medjool dates.

This option can easily feed as little as two people to as many as 100.

Relaxed & Romantic

What better way to soak up the gloriously sunny weather and celebrate the beautiful bride-to-be than with a picnic? Whether you choose to sit on picnic tables or adventure into the grassy meadows, there is so much joy to be found.

To cultivate the perfect picnic, you’ll want to pack non-messy, hardy snacks that’ll last you through the hours of laughter. There are two fantastic options to a scrumptious bridal picnic. The first option is brunch-inspired. The day before the bridal shower, make your favorite waffles or pancakes. For a festive idea, make miniature versions, then stack a few of one kind on a wooden skewer. For an extra twist, dip half of the skewer is white chocolate and garnish with dried strawberries. On the day of the picnic, pair your delicious waffles and/or pancakes with fresh berries, whipped cream, maple syrup, sliced bananas and maybe some chai tea or coffee on the side.

The second option holds more savory components, but still includes those sweets! If you have some time on your hands, then prep a few quiches to be enjoyed alongside a light spring salad. Maybe try out a white cheddar and asparagus quiche and/or a simple corn quiche. Another delicious idea is handmade sandwiches made with rustic, artisan sourdough bread. For example, mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwiches are a classic! You could also throw in some prosciutto for added saltiness. Pair with some citrusy sparkling drinks, grapes and good ole potato chips (in paper bags for an added touch).

Other Scrumptious Ideas: 

  1. Watermelon and Feta Cheese: Chop up watermelon and feta cheese to each be in 1″ cube pieces. On a mini skewer, thread the watermelon then the feta cheese on the skewer. Drizzle each with a little extra virgin olive oil, then garnish with white sesame seeds.
  2. Refreshing Fruit Water: Slice a few lemons, mint and strawberries to place in your water pitcher. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.
  3. Cantaloupe, Prosciutto and Mozzarella Skewers
  4. Mini Vanilla Yogurt and Granola Parfaits with Fresh Berries
  5. Pigs in a Blanket
  6. Bagel Bar: Creatively place three varieties of bagels, alongside five varieties of cream cheese with disposable knives for spreading.

Although snacks make almost anything better, remember that this bridal shower is a time to appreciate your friendship with the bride and celebrate your excitement together for her upcoming adventure in life.