The Ideal Thank-You Notes

Regardless of how digital our lives become, handwriting a thank-you note will always be the proper way to thank someone for a gift. People will often tell you not to worry about writing a note because they know you are busy, but you should always write one, no matter what.

While writing dozens of thank-you notes after a large event such as a wedding can be tiring and tedious, you have plenty of time to spread out the task. You will also have a new spouse who should absolutely share in the responsibility. You can split thank-you notes based on whether the gift was from a guest on your side or your spouse’s side to make it easy.

Once the blank cards are ready for writing, consider these suggestions to make your thank-you notes as genuine as they should be!

– Try to avoid short, impersonal thank-you notes. Yes, it is exhausting for your hand, but your guest deserves a thoughtful thank-you card…not just a “thanks for the gift…it was great seeing you!” Maybe throw in something you remember talking to them about at the reception or something memorable that has happened in your life since the big day.

– Use neat penmanship. Take your time, and make sure your note is legible.

– Make sure to mail your thank-you notes within the appropriate time frame. Contrary to popular belief, you should have thank-you notes mailed within three months of the wedding date…not one year. If you can write and mail on the day you receive the gift, it is even better!