A Sweet Addition: Unique Cake Topper Ideas for Your Big Day


Maybe you’ve already done your cake tasting and can almost feel the sugar crystals from the icing on your tongue and picture that beautiful wedding cake when you close your eyes! What happens when you get to the top of that deliciously beautiful creation? Can you just as easily picture your cake topper? For many couples, this is actually a last-minute thought given everything else that’s on your to-do list when in wedding-planning mode; but your cake topper can actually be a really fun way to include your personality as a couple and add a little something “sweet” to your cake table and the photos that will follow!

Choose a Topper That Fits Your Personality & Style

Gone are the days of needing to follow a traditional plastic molded bride-and-groom cake topper that, in the end, doesn’t really look like you and your future beau in the slightest. Today’s couples enjoy more freedom and fun in choosing unique ways to make their special day’s details stand out. Before you choose how to top your wedding cake, think about everything from your choice of cake to your wedding style and what would be memorable as you cut that first slice together after becoming husband and wife! Do you like things that feel nostalgic or make you laugh? Are you going to want to keep your topper as an heirloom or toss it in the Goodwill pile in a year? Think carefully, and have fun finding the right one.

Make it Personalized

Are you excited to share your new last name with the world? Think about ordering a custom name cake topper in your wedding colors and a font you love to show the world you are now one! You can custom order a cake topper from a local vendor or find one on Etsy where you can design a special monogram or showcase your wedding date, or even include a personal quote or meaningful piece of scripture to go with it. Choose from wood, metal, paper, plastic and other options that fit your style and create a special personalized keepsake.  

Get a Little Sentimental

What better time to go down memory lane than the day when you start your new future together? Brainstorm some of the special moments or inside jokes and passions that you share that could inspire the perfect cake topper. Do you both cry at the opening scene from Disney and Pixar’s movie “Up”? You could choose the old cartoon couple as your topper! Was your first date at a NC State game? Have a wolfpack cake topper with your old ticket stubs on top. Find something that brings you back or even takes you forward into the future together.

Highlight a Special Photo

Many couples participate in an engagement shoot before their wedding. What about choosing one of your favorite moments from the shoot to display in a beautiful frame on top of your cake? After all, any way to share more of those memories, the better. No engagement shoot photos? That’s okay; find one from when you first fell in love to shine a light on like a photograph from a first date or another special time in your relationship.  

Bring in Your Decor Details 

You’ve spent months (possibly years) planning out all the special details of your wedding, so why not incorporate them into the dessert course? If you are in love with your fresh flowers, you can request a tiny arrangement to place atop your wedding cake or drape gently along each tier. Have you selected silver or gold details around the venue? Choose edible metallic flakes or a neat vintage tchotchke, for the top! 

Keep it Simple

Are you and your groom big Food Network fans and appreciate a talented cake designer’s piping or fondant skills more than the idea of a fancy topper? Feel free to eliminate that purchase and stick to just your wedding cake iced to perfection with details that feel special. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to planning the wedding that feels right to you. So, if you’d rather say “cake topper shmake shmopper” then, by all means, keep it simple.

How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You! 

Have fun selecting something to place on top of your sweet treat! And, you won’t be the only one either. Believe it or not, according to a survey done by Jade Elora Photography, 69% of wedding guests would be disappointed if you didn’t have dessert. That means that when your MC announces it is cake cutting time, your guests are all eyes and ears! Choose something that makes you excited to see your cake come wedding day, and don’t forget to have a slice while you’re at it.