Special Seconds

If this is your second time making plans to go down the aisle, you may be feeling challenged with how to create the very special day you and your fiancé deserve while also not wanting the event to be a “do-over” of any kind. Second weddings can be “second” for a variety of reasons, and none of those reasons should preclude you from feeling the special magic that comes from planning to marry the person that completes your life and shares your vision for the future. With that in mind, here are some fun ideas for adding a unique and beautiful spin to the wedding event that you are planning.



Especially if the first wedding for either of you took place in the last five years and was a big soiree, creating a smaller, more intimate event will feel better for you and be appreciated by your guests.


Wear Whatever You Like              

Yes, even white! In these modern times, brides and grooms of all kinds are breaking the mold and that includes wearing white if that is what you’re drawn to! Also acceptable is any color or pattern your heart desires! Not to mention a sassy jumpsuit instead of a gown, a button-down shirt instead of a tuxedo. Second weddings are the perfect time for showing your personality and not conforming to traditions.


Show Me the Money      

Let’s face it, between the two of you, it’s highly unlikely that there is a blender or comforter that you need to register for! However, your guests do want to celebrate you by giving a gift, so make it easy for them by using a cash registry website. This enables them to gift you an amount of money towards a very specific thing like a home or even your honeymoon trip. Be very open and honest about what the money will be used for and enlist your friends and family to help spread the word.


Think Outside the Box   

If a traditional church ceremony means a lot to the two of you, then by all means, plan accordingly. But, if you are open to something different and unique that captures the essence of your relationship, have some fun with your location! On a dock at the lake, on the 50-yard line at the stadium where you met, at the base of the Eiffel Tower – the sky…correction: the globe is the limit!


Rethink Family Roles

A second wedding provides an opportunity to include your nearest and dearest in ways that you may not have done, so the first go-’round. Did your Dad walk you down the aisle the first time? Maybe now it’s Mom’s turn or one of your children? Don’t have any little ones to act as flower girls or ring bearers? Who says your best work-buddy can’t scatter those petals for you?


Write Your Own Vows

Nothing helps to really put a personal stamp on a wedding ceremony like heartfelt vows written by the couple to each other. Get as mushy, silly or serious as you want – these are YOUR words, and there isn’t a required script. This is YOUR moment; make it something the two of you can cherish for many years to come.