Something Old, Something Manly

As the planning begins for the big day, most brides can’t wait to start looking at wedding gowns — trying them on and coordinating their shoes, veils and jewelry. The fellas seem to have it easier — tuxedo or suit? Make a decision, done!

Or are they?

Just like wedding fashion for today’s brides and bridesmaids, the options for what the groom and groomsmen wear on the big day have expanded in all directions with the overall goal being to create a look and feel that are decidedly and uniquely personal. A groom can really make a statement with the accessories that he chooses!

  • Shoes – From the shiny, rented dress shoes to brightly colored Converses, the rules on wedding footwear for guys have all but been eliminated! Flip-flops for a beach wedding, cowboy boots for a rustic barn setting or Topsiders at the yacht club — the groom and his manly minions can choose comfortable, stylish footwear that matches the overall design look of the event and their personalities.
  • Socks – Basic black dress socks with a tuxedo is a classic, traditional way to go and flattering to anyone. But, more and more wedding parties are taking it up a notch and having fun with what peaks out from under that pant leg!

–   Pastel or bold colored argyles

–   Super hero logos

–   Sports team logos

–   Stripes in every color of the rainbow

–   Van Gogh, DaVinci, Picasso art socks

–   Mustache socks

  • Jewelry – These are details that can easily get overlooked by the guys, so be sure it’s on the “things to talk about” list! There is nothing worse than a groom showing up wearing his clunky sports watch with his fabulous new suit and tie! And, the same attention should be paid to the groomsmen.

–   Belt or suspenders?

–    Watch or sans watch?

–   Cuff links?

–   Pocket watches?

  • Ties – Much like the socks, this is a style option that gives the guys a real opportunity to express themselves! Ties can be custom made allowing for easy coordination and compatibility for the entire bridal party. Did you know that there is even jewelry for a man’s bow tie? And, that some can come with rhinestone trim?
  • Hats – Trendy and fun, hats are making a comeback in the fashion world, and your wedding day is no exception! A hat is flattering on most men and can bring some flair to the overall look of the day. As with any accessory, it only works well if it complements the overall design style of the wedding party. You don’t want eight men in tuxedos coming down the aisle with Notre Dame baseball caps on! Some style options are:

–    Classic Newsboy Style — The groom in black and maybe colors for the groomsmen?

–   Fedora — With fabric bands that match the bridesmaids?

–   Top Hat — For a VERY formal occasion, tux and tails!

–   Cowboy — For the outdoor event with a farm as backdrop.

–   Straw Hat — Classic, southern and refined.

You get the idea! With the modern wedding philosophy that encourages brides, grooms and their friends and families to make an important celebration even more special by avoiding anything cookie-cutter, the sky is the limit in men’s accessories. And yet, no one will be disappointed to see those handsome fellas sporting handsome black tuxedos with matching bow ties and cummerbunds! (You could always sneak in some pastel argyle socks!)