Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

From the moment a girl says, “Yes,” the wedding planning begins. In some (if not most) cases, the wedding may have been thought out years in advance, even from the time we were dressing up Barbie and Ken for their special day (for the 823rd time). But, on engagement day, the process can suddenly become overwhelming, if not daunting. Enter the modern day bridal superhero — the wedding planner.

For some who are worried about the potentially exorbitant cost of a wedding, the idea of hiring a planner may seem to be a frivolous or unnecessary expense. However, in the words of wedding planning pro Kristin Johnson (one-half of the dynamic duo at Perfect Pair Events), “We realize that hiring a wedding planner is an investment. We understand that weddings are expensive and that families will be spending a lot of money in the coming months. However, in our experience, no matter how reluctant a couple or family may be on the front end, they’ve never regretted investing in planning and assistance on the back end. It’s truly a relief.”

That’s because a good wedding planner is there to help guide a couple through the process. It’s not his or her job to create the vision but, rather, to bring the couple’s unique vision to reality. “A quality wedding planner is going to encourage the couple to put their signature style on their special day,” said Jennie Hess (the other half of the dynamic duo).

Kristin and Jennie also give their brides wise advice, “A wedding is supposed to be fun; the months of engagement should be savored and enjoyed. Partnering with a wedding planner in the months before your wedding will enable you to relax and enjoy the process.” Certainly, anyone who has hired a planner can attest to the fact that a planner takes a great deal of that burden of stress off his or her plates.

Consider one of Perfect Pair Events’ own clients, whose outdoor wedding had to be moved indoors in the 11th hour. “It didn’t simply rain on our wedding day; we had a torrential downpour less than an hour before our outdoor ceremony was scheduled to start,” reminisced recently married, Meagan. “I owe our ability to keep cool and calm to our fabulous wedding planners. If we hadn’t had them there to maneuver 350+ guests back inside and completely rearrange our ceremony in less than 20 minutes, I’m not exactly sure what I would’ve done, but the word ‘bridezilla’ comes to mind.”

Of course, it doesn’t have to be rain. What if the caterer has an issue with the food? Or the cake baker gets stuck in traffic? Or one of the groomsmen crushes his boutonniere, and you don’t have a spare? Perhaps the minister is running late? Or any number of fiascos that have the potential to derail all those hours you spent planning the perfect day?

The great news about a wedding planner is that they offer various packages that are priced to meet every budget and, of course, every bride’s wishes. Whether the couple is looking for someone to take the reins all the way or serve as an advisor and help guide the process, or help fine-tune the details, wedding planners will tailor their services. “However,” said Kristin, “we advise against wedding day-only coordination. It’s very hard on everyone – family, couple, vendors and planners – to be cohesive when a planner shows up the day of an event that they didn’t help coordinate and guarantee seamless results. In fact, our business no longer offers day-of coordination, though we do offer a Polish Package for the final month of planning.”

If you’re newly engaged, consider the investment of a wedding planner. Planning a wedding should be fun, stress-free and an opportunity to celebrate the biggest commitment you’re going to make in your lifetime. Even if you’re not sure about working the cost into your budget, most wedding planners are going to offer an opportunity to meet before a financial commitment. It never hurts to talk and learn what the options entail!