Should You Go Paperless? The Classic Invitation Dilemma


No matter your setting or style, your wedding invitation will always be the first hint your guests have of what to expect on your big day. Classic, contemporary or somewhere in between, invitations can be as unique as couples themselves. If you’ve always traveled the traditional route, it could be time to consider what certainly won’t be much like your grandparents’ wedding invitation but might be absolutely perfect for you today. Consider this: Could an RSVP be only a simple click away?


That’s the beauty of choosing e-vites – paperless invitations! But, if you’re still feeling some pressure and seeing sideways glances from relatives about your move to online communication for your wedding – treat yourself to the best of both worlds. Create the loveliest paperless invitations you can find, but have a few printed on classic paper stock for mothers and grandmothers, and any friends who can’t quite pass up the feel of fine paper.


There are definitely some advantages to a digital invitation and the chance to communicate your dream day details online:


  • In uncertain times, online cards are perfect for sharing a change of date or venue at a moment’s notice. The newest virtual collections from PaperlessPost were inspired by the ever-changing wedding scenarios that popped up during the pandemic, and the convenience and creativity just makes sense!


  • You’ll find it easier to track RSVPs if you’re not waiting on the mail carrier to deliver them. Most online versions offer efficient follow-up tools to keep your addresses, responses and menu preferences up-to-date.


  • Guests will be less likely to misplace them!


  • Online invitations are environmentally friendly and less costly.


  • With most, you’ll create your own wedding website for easy updates for your guests.


  • Paperless invitations can be beautiful and artistic – with just as much flair as the printed version. Distinctive designs and delicate script can add your personal stamp to the look, and you can still create a stationery “suite” with matching save-the-dates, invitations, “thank you” cards and personal stationery with your new married name or monogram for later.


  • With many online options, you can even upload your own artwork and design.


  • Electronic save-the-date cards are especially popular for getting the word out quickly – and noting that a formal invitation will arrive later.


  • If going all in with paperless is a stretch for your traditional side, stick with printed invitations for the actual wedding and reception, and go with cute online versions for wedding showers, your engagement party or a wedding day brunch.


Some critics may argue it can be tricky to determine exactly who’s included on an e-vite. When you address the front of a traditional invitation, it’s clear if children are invited or not, since individual names are required by etiquette. And yes, any email correspondence has the potential to wind up in the recipient’s junk mail, and regular mail doesn’t offer a guaranteed arrival date, or a promise your pristine white envelope will arrive in good condition! So, weighing the options is important and should be shared by the bride and groom. Paperless or not, have fun announcing your celebration with your own personal style!