Sharing Moments with The Humble Bee Shoppe


Think of that incredible moment when you reach the dessert phase of the wedding. You’ve gotten through any ceremony, dinner – you’ve made it through professional photos – and now it’s time to enjoy a delicious treat before dancing and enjoying the rest of the night.


That moment matters, and what better way to celebrate it (and truly, the entire occasion, because that’s what dessert is for) than with a creator who values those intentional, individual and everlasting moments?


Meet Brittany McGee, or “Bee,” the incredible confection artist behind The Humble Bee Shoppe.

Owner, Brittany McGee Photo by House of Ivy Photography



Her tag line of “Confections made with intention…adding SUGAR + COLOR to life one bite at a time!” is spot on. “I take days to weeks of preparation for cakes,” said Brittany. “I am just as invested into the moment as you are when you’re cutting into that cake.” For the past four years, Brittany has been outdoing herself on each intentional confection, and cakes are no exception. Take a brief scroll through her 10K follower Instagram page, and you’ll be wowed by her style – texture, florals, gold leaf – and even more blown away by the fact that every treat is original. “For weddings, I feel honored and grateful couples ask me to share in this moment,” said Brittany. “Being able to personalize it artistically is important to me.”


That personalization is clear with her process. From the moment you fill out the interest form to the takeaway tasting that is tailored to your tastebuds by either choosing from the huge list of flavors and popular offerings (the Signature Dark Chocolate Cake with swirls of dark chocolate ganache, raspberry buttercream, topped with vanilla bean buttercream, anyone?) or a custom creation from Bee herself, you’re getting a level of care that is truly individualized. “I like to guide people through the entire process – I’m a creative consultant when it comes to wedding desserts,” said Brittany. “I make all of the tasting cake fresh, for that tasting. These aren’t frozen slices from inventory or something you’ll find on sale in the shop. These are tailored to each couple.”


Brittany truly believes that the choices that couples make when it comes to the cake are reflections of their personalities – there is one choice she encourages, “I don’t do those huge five-tier wedding cakes. I love the petite luxury wedding cake with a dessert bar,” said Brittany. “You have a stunning showpiece of a cake for you that can get somewhere between 25-35 party slices and then have choices because not everyone likes cake.” While I personally can safely say I have never met cake from The Humble Bee Shoppe I haven’t liked, things like cupcakes, macarons, cookies and brownies only make things even better.


This petite lux cake trend has allowed Brittany to develop and hone her craft – and create individualized experiences for all of her couples. “I love working with the planned aesthetic for the couple, and even if someone wants to pull inspiration from a past cake, no two cakes will ever look the same,” said Brittany. “Each cake is custom and signature to the individual, the couple and the moment.” This is also a fondant-free zone – no disrespect to the folks that master fondant, but Brittany is a buttercream artist. “When someone wants something outside of what I specialize in, I have a list of preferred vendors I trust to send them to. I’m very honest with what I specialize in,” said Brittany. When you work with The Humble Bee Shoppe, you work with Brittany. “After we talk, I’ll be making your cake. You won’t get another bakery or decorator – it’s me and part of me because you are sharing that moment with me.”



While she is grateful for complete control – the phrase “do whatever you want” is a bit much. “I still need boundaries and guidelines. Since the inside to the outside is uniquely tailored to the couple, I need some direction as a visual person,” said Brittany. “When people trust me to explore different styles or execute something I’ve done before, I’m so grateful, because every time I make a cake, I learn something new and different.” This next statement might shock you, especially if you’ve had her treats or seen her Instagram: Brittany is completely self-taught. “My entire life has been around this extension of emotion, and people will always gather around food,” said Brittany. “The powerful thing about food is that it brings people together at that moment with all of those senses, and that’s how memories are built. The taste of cake can bring you back to that moment with pure joy and happiness.”


To learn more and share your moments with Brittany, visit her website at and click on “Custom Orders” or visit her on IG @thehumblebeeshoppe.