Seven Reasons to Print Your Wedding Stationery Locally


With the convenience of ordering online, it is tempting to just design your own wedding invitations and other items online without much thought to them. But…keep in mind that your save the date or wedding invitation will be the first glimpse your guests will see of the upcoming wedding festivities. Your guests will appreciate you making the investment to spend a few minutes with a local printer. It’s well worth the extra effort! Here’s why:

  • At a local print shop, you will meet directly with the graphic designer who will create your printed items. Working with a local graphic designer for all of the items in your wedding suite will ensure that all of the components convey a consistent design concept.
  • Planning your wedding suite with a local professional will ensure nothing is missed, and each piece reflects your specific needs and style. A professional also can provide advice on stationery etiquette, mailing times, who to send what, etc.
  • Individual attention and service are nowhere to be found online! You just won’t get it from online companies or Etsy downloads.
  • Ordering over the phone or online increases the possibility of mistakes. When ordering online, you hope that you receive what your design looked like on the screen. But, not having a personal dialogue with your printer means your text could be stretched or print colors may not be exactly as you intended. A local printer will provide you with a proof to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for and work to exceed your expectations!
  • In person, you can experience the paper options and textures as well as see the colors to help ensure your suite turns out exactly as you imagined. Colors may vary from online sources just based on the difference in computer monitors. You can’t touch and feel the paper or ensure the color is a perfect match.
  • Designing your wedding invitations and other items in your wedding stationery can be daunting. You want it to be just right, but unless you have graphic design skills, that will be difficult to achieve. Working with a professional allows you to benefit from his or her knowledge and experience to help you think outside the box and consider details you may not have thought of (i.e., numbering RSVPs, including a map, placement of wedding website, printed envelopes, interior envelopes, table cards, labels for favors, etc.).
  • We all have a budget to keep in our wedding planning. A local printer can work within your budget to create custom wedding suites that will leave an impression. A professional will not force you into a one-size-fits-all package.

Don’t risk this important step in planning your wedding to online sources. Get the help you deserve from a local professional!


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