Setting the Stage with the Perfect Invitation

Wedding invitations can be extremely complicated. They can also be very expensive. Hopefully, you have plenty of time to get all of your invitation ducks in a row as it can take time to find the right invitation for your wedding. Consider the following factors:

  • Wedding colors.
  • Size and shape of invitations (don’t forget about added mailing costs).
  • What information must be included on invitation?
  • Shop around for professionals who can address your envelopes/print your RSVP envelopes.
  • Don’t just double check – triple and quadruple check EVERYTHING!
  • Weigh and stamp at least one completed invitation at the post office to make sure you buy the right stamps the first time.

If you purchase your invitations at a stationery shop or place that specializes in invitations, they can help with all the details. Make sure you are aware that your invitations can drastically vary in price based on the features you select. For example, added cost will accompany heavier cardstock, square-shaped envelopes, engraving and professional calligraphy. Try establishing a budget per invite beforehand, so you won’t get your heart set on a format that is out of your price range.