Seeing Green


Unofficially, one can guess that the first wedding flowers were probably roses or perhaps wildflowers, which may have been available more readily and less expensive. And, before the world knew what hit ‘em, “trends” began to emerge! Such as daisies for the flower child bride, hydrangeas for a spring garden wedding, Cala lilies for an elegant affair and bird-of-paradise for the tropics for example. While the variety of florals for wedding celebrations is as endless as that of wedding gowns and rings, one thing remains consistent behind them all: Greenery.

You would be hard-pressed to find a wedding designed without a hint of green backing the gorgeous bouquets, boutonnieres or helping to fill out and enhance a lush installation on an arbor, altar, fence or doorway. Greenery has been an important part of floral design for hundreds of years, weddings and otherwise. And, with good reason! Unlike a fickle tulip or tender ranunculus, no matter the season, there is always something green growing or attainable without having to break your budget.

“Greenery is a valuable facet of floral design. In the past, greenery was considered a filler to offset the cost of the design. I believe it is not a filler, but a way to add texture, depth and interest.” ~ Amy Lynne Dunlap, Amy Lynne Originals

Some of the more popular emerald-hued beauties supporting today’s wedding designs are:

Seeded Eucalyptus – With its unique texture and slightly drippy nature, seeded eucalyptus brings a nice depth to arrangements, garlands and personal flowers.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus – Related to the seeded variety but with its very own, sassy personality, silver dollar eucalyptus offers a light, pleasing aroma while also having an attractive shape to fluff up a bouquet or arrangement. Something about it just says “romance.”

Salal Lemon Leaf – Commonly just referred to as Salal, this hearty beauty unapologetically brings the green! Dark, deep emerald shades that hold up well with minimal moisture make this a great filler option.

Italian Ruscus – Classic, never trendy, ruscus adds sophistication and a nice, almost dainty touch to the arrangements it graces. Ruscus is happy to be the unassuming backdrop for arrangements or bouquets where the flowers want to really show off!

Unique, less common verdant, green lovelies are:

Monstera Leaves – Don’t let the name fool you! Well, yes…they are typically quite large and might seem monstrous when compared to the eucalyptus varieties; however, the monstera leaf is still a graceful charmer. It hints toward tropics and can be used individually or as a sexy background.

Magnolia – Not just southern as heck, magnolia is a tried and true seasonal staple with woody stems and sturdy, two-faced leaves boasting deep green and golden brown sides.

Leucadendron – This fun greenery isn’t completely green! Setting it apart from its leafy neighbors, the leucadendron loves to show off rusty, red tips and stems and can make any flower shine. Sometimes, it looks and feels more like a flower itself!

Fern – With leaves on both sides of their stems, fern greens are a delightful way to add fullness without adding weight. They’re soft and feminine but can also complement the most contemporary styles.

Trends we hope will last…or fade?

The All Greenery Wedding Bouquet – Could you see yourself walking down the aisle with a lush arrangement made up of only greenery? Multiple textures and shapes, but no flowers. It’s a “hot” trend right now for the bride seeking a natural, budget-friendly option.

Succulents in Bouquets, Boutonnières and Arrangements – Succulents have really come into their own as an alternative to florals or to supplement them. So much more than cactus, one or two well-placed succulents can give that “pop” to a bouquet or arrangement that truly sets them apart. From the softest sagey green to deep purples, does a hearty succulent embellishment intrigue you?

Bouquets Piled with Fresh, Fragrant Herbs – That’s right, not just for cooking, herbs are popping up in bouquets and arrangements everywhere, and why not? Lush lavender, fresh eye-opening mint…the list of herbs that not only look lovely but also smell amazing is a long one! And, you can typically find them at your local farmer’s market, so you’re supporting local, too!

From trends to tried and true, greenery at weddings is as obvious a match as the rings and cake! Just like so many choices that brides and grooms have to make, you can go with options that are extremely personal and meaningful to you, or you can just tell your floral designer to “go green!” Don’t worry – they will know what to do!