Salem Plastic Surgery & Renewal Med Spa – Confidence for the Big Day


It seems there’s always a “beauty countdown” for the bride-to-be, but what about the rest of the wedding party? Plus, beauty is not just about makeup, but also about skincare and body confidence! The professionals at Salem Plastic Surgery & Renewal Med Spa can consult with not only the bride and her bridesmaids, but also mothers, and yes, the groom and his groomsmen, too when it comes to looking and feeling their best.


Let’s look at some options to consider – well in advance, of course – to prepare for your celebration.


Coolsculpting: A non-invasive procedure that uses patented cooling technology to eliminate fat without surgery, Coolsculpting is designed to reduce fat in problem areas that have proven resistant to traditional dieting and exercise. CoolSculpting is the first and only nonsurgical procedure to selectively reduce fat layers in problem areas that include muffin tops, love handles and back fat. Patients generally start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months.


Emsculpt: The only procedure that helps both women and men build muscle and sculpt their bodies without needles and anesthesia, Emsculpt can be tailored to each person’s specific goals. You can lie down and relax during the 30-minute treatment, with a minimum of four sessions scheduled two to three days apart.


Rejuvapen: This is a non-surgical, micro-needling treatment that assists the skin in producing natural collagen and regenerating skin tissue. The results are tighter skin, fewer wrinkles and fine lines, diminished appearance of scars and smaller pores. Your skin will have an overall healthier appearance that is visibly noticeable after just one treatment.However, skin can appear pink or red for a few days after the treatment, and the healing process will depend on how damaged skin was before treatment and how deep the treatment was, so planning ahead is essential!


DiamondGlow: A 3-in-1 skin resurfacing technology, DiamondGlow uses a unique, diamond tipped, medical grade wand to cleanse, purify and hydrate the skin. Many patients see visible results after the first treatment, saying their overall skin tone has a more radiant and renewed appearance. With each treatment, there is an improvement to the quality of the skin, which in turn makes the skin healthier with each application


Botox: The best candidates for Botox are men and women seeking an enhanced appearance with fewer wrinkles. Those seeking treatment should be in good physical health, not pregnant or nursing, and with no neuro-muscular disorders. Administered by a qualified physician or certified nurse injector using a very fine needle, the procedure only takes a few minutes and requires no anesthetic. BOTOX® injections are relatively painless, as the needle used is significantly smaller than those used for other injectable fillers. Day-to-day activities can be resumed immediately afterwards, and wrinkles begin to fade within five to seven days, with continued improvement over the next several weeks.

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