Role of the Maid of Honor


So, you’ve been asked by your sister, best friend, mother or favorite cousin to be the maid of honor for her wedding? It’s a high honor to be chosen for such a role! You may be thinking, “But what all do I have to do?” There is a line of fun responsibilities that come with being the maid of honor. Also, if you’re a bride, perhaps this list will help you determine whom to choose as your maid of honor.

PLAN AND ORGANIZE BRIDAL SHOWER. It is the maid of honor’s job to determine what her bride’s theme for the wedding is and possibly match that with the style of her bridal shower – that is, if it is the bride’s wish. The maid of honor helps find the perfect venue for the shower, gets the list of invitee’s names from the bride, chooses the food and decorations, and even hosts the shower.

THROW BACHELORETTE PARTY. Are you a woman who knows how to plan a good time? If so, planning and throwing a bachelorette party may be a party itself. As the maid of honor, you will know what the bride wants and needs for a good time and will be entrusted to put it all together. Does she want to go out of town? Does she want a hotel room? Remember, the bride must be the main one who enjoys herself. So, if male dancers are not her speed, respect her wishes and don’t invest in one. Instead, save that money for something more practical such as games and good food!

LEADER FOR THE OTHER BRIDESMAIDS. If you have been asked to be a maid of honor, you are likely a natural leader. Maids of honor normally serve as one who keeps the fellow bridesmaids in order. If requested by the bride, she makes sure they have their dresses, shoes, jewelry and other needed details. The maid of honor may also be the one who communicates to the bridesmaids on behalf of the bride when she’s too busy. She will sometimes be the go-to person to get information from in regards to the bride. If this is the case, the maid of honor must know what the bride requires of her bridesmaids. On the wedding day, she also makes sure the other bridesmaids are dressed with hair and makeup done in a timely manner.

MAKE AND KEEP EMERGENCY KIT FOR BRIDE AND BRIDESMAIDS. The maid of honor prepares a small kit of the bride’s emergency items for use in times of stress or discomfort on the wedding day. She knows what makes the bride uncomfortable and exactly what she needs to calm down. Is the bride a crier? Bring a load of Kleenex. Does her skin breakout under stress? Get something to soothe her skin. Does she need an extra pair of shoes? Bring some matching flats to relax her aching feet! Does she want fresh kissing breath? Pack some strong peppermints. Whatever your bride will need on her big day, make sure she has it all in that kit…and keep it nearby!

HELPS THE BRIDE GET DRESSED AND STAY CALM ON WEDDING DAY. This is one of the most beautiful responsibilities of being the maid of honor – connecting with your bride and watching the magic come together for her, and youget to experience it up close! You must know how she puts on her dress in case she needs your help (and she likely will). You will need to know how to bustle up her train as well for the reception (which is why it is important to attend her bridal fittings). Make sure you know what calms her down when she is anxious – saying a prayer, time alone, time to talk or a quick snack!

Being a maid of honor gives you a chance to shine with your leadership qualities and meticulous planning, and it can even bring out capabilities you never knew you had! Your bride chose you because she puts high trust in you. So, don’t let that overwhelm you, but instead, look at it as an opportunity to live up to that trust, show her why she chose you and have fun with it!