Reverend Jayne: Your Wedding, Your Way

Thank goodness for hurricanes! Without them, Reverend Jayne might still be living in South Florida and not bringing her creative, customized and “unboring” officiating gifts to the Triad! Born in England, Jayne Warbinton moved to Florida in the 1980s, where she lived for 27 years before seeking out cooler, less dramatic small-town living, which she found in Lewisville, NC. Along her journey, a friend asked her a question that turned out to be the catalyst for a joyful career: “Will you officiate our wedding?”

After learning that her licensing as a Notary Public was not quite enough in NC, Jayne researched what steps she would need to take to be an official officiant! She completed what was required for that first wedding, performed the ceremony and was hooked from then on. Jayne took multiple classes and bought just about all the books she could get her hands on about vows, rituals, traditions and customs.



Reverend Jayne spent her first year as an officiant laying a strong foundation for her business. She took classes and became a member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants, ABC of NC (Association of Bridal Consultants) and Triad Bridal Association, a group of vendors that are experienced, quality-oriented experts that subscribe to a Code of Ethics and assure couples of professional, reliable and very high standards.



Jayne invested in a multi-day Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas where she not only met officiants and vendors from all over the US, but she met Mark Allen Groleau, as well. Groleau has a booming wedding officiating business in Canada and is the creator of “” Jayne was one of the first officiants to take his class and is a certified Unboring Wedding Officiant and has also been certified with the Equality Institute for LGBTQ weddings. Reverend Jayne joyfully performs all different types of weddings, non-denominational, traditional, LGBTQ+, multi-cultural, interfaith and spiritual, as well as vow renewals and elopements.

I asked Jayne what sets her apart in the area of wedding officiating. “I specialize in custom wedding ceremonies that will make guests laugh, cry and fall in love with the couple,” said said. “I tell the couple’s story – how they met, their first impressions, the proposal and other personal details. The couple is completely involved in all aspects of the ceremony, they have some homework and we select readings, prayers and blessings. We talk about the different types of vows and how to write them, ring exchanges and any unity ceremonies they may wish to add. I really enjoy the creative process of putting all the words together to produce a memorable, heartfelt ceremony.”

With so much creativity and passion going into her work, I wanted to know if any particular ceremony stands out among the unique experiences she has had. “I had one wedding where the theme was ‘Beauty and the Beast,’” she said. “I found some creative ways to inject lines from the movie throughout the ceremony. It was a lot of fun, and the couple really enjoyed it. ‘Be our guest, be our guest’ was my opening line.”



Like so many wedding professionals, Reverend Jayne has found herself doing smaller ceremonies this year and scheduled for 2021, along with intimate elopements, micro weddings and vow renewals.

Although not ideal for any wedding business to see a questionable year ahead, Reverend Jayne and her spouse will be filling their days by loving on their seven dogs, three cats, a bunny, a bird and several beehives.

To enjoy a spirited conversation with Reverend Jayne about your ceremony, vow renewal or elopement, visit or reach out via email to, by phone 336.409.4519 and on Facebook.