Registry Dos & Don’ts for Every Bride  


There are so many to-dos on your planning list that it can be easy to forget that somewhere between writing your guest list and picking out flowers comes choosing some wants and needs for that married life you’re heading into next! The best part? Creating your gift registry is one of the most fancy-free parts of wedding prep!

Of course, you’ll want to avoid a few hiccups when registering for your wedding and make it a smooth process for both you and loved ones doing the actual shopping! Read through the below Do’s & Don’ts and take some mental notes as you get ready to head down a different kind of aisle, scanner gun in hand.

Don’t: Keep your wedding registry private until closer to your wedding date.

Do: Make your wedding registry public once you start registering.

Despite the fact that your wedding bells may not be ringing for several months down the road, there are still several wedding-related occasions family and friends may be wanting to gift shop for you. From the time you announce your engagement to bridal showers and bachelorette parties, having your wedding registry set to “public” is a good idea. If you are still in the process of adding items, that’s okay! Just be sure you don’t wait too long to set things up so your Great Aunt Mildred can start perusing.

Don’t: Register at only one store.

Do: Register at a minimum of two stores to allow multiple shopping experiences.

There are so many different stores nowadays that offer a registry experience, why feel limited to just one? Once you figure out who carries the brands and styles you like most, limit your options and include 2-3 that fit the bill! This will not only provide diverse items for you to choose from, but will give your gift-givers multiple choices that fit their location and online or in-person shopping preference, as well. You’ll also want to see which stores offer competitive wedding registry benefits such as a completion discount on unpurchased items or freebies and gift bags when you create your registry.

Don’t: Only register for high ticket items.

Do: Register for varying price point items that fit different budgets.

While you may be in the market to furnish your new home together or start creating a backyard oasis you can enjoy, don’t forget to include some smaller, lower priced items on your registry. It is common for friends or family to chip in for some larger ticket items for a special occasion like this, but if you only have expensive gift choices listed, you may lose out in the long run. Think about the different budgets of your guests, and be sure to add some items that you are excited to receive but may be on the lower-cost end of things.  

Don’t: Try to create a Pinterest-perfect wedding registry.

Do: Register for items that fit your personality and lifestyle needs.

Who doesn’t love drooling over a Pinterest-perfect or Instagram-worthy tablescape or living room decor? The fact is, you want a home that fits your lifestyle and needs, and sometimes it may look a little different in reality. Will you be more likely to benefit from fancy china or the ceramic dishes you’ve been eyeing at Target? Let go of any pressure to register for things that simply look beautiful and stylish and, instead, focus on things that match your taste as a couple and how you envision life together in your home.  

Don’t: Open gifts in a hurry without keeping track of the gift giver.

Do: Keep a record of each gift’s sender, so you can send “thank you” cards later. 

The minute the doorbell rings with a package or gifts are set in front of you to open, it can be hard to not turn into your 10-year-old self with excitement and tear in! Take a breath and remember as you open gifts to keep track of whom each item is from. You’ll want to keep a list handy either in a notebook, on your phone or even in a Google document on your computer to reference later. Try to list out in detail what items came from whom and possibly at which wedding-related occasion.

Don’t: Feel funny about sharing your wedding registry information with loved ones.

Do: Remember your wedding registry helps family and friends feel confident about their gifting choices.

Sometimes sharing your wedding registry information can feel greedy or selfish. Give yourself permission to share your registry without that guilty voice in your head. Instead, reframe the narrative reminding yourself that those special people in your life are excited for you both, and your registry helps give them ideas on gifts they can get that you’ll genuinely be happy to receive. Wedding registry links can be shared and included by hosts of any wedding celebration invites going out and even on your wedding website.