Raising the Bar – Keeping Reception Food Fun!

While your reception is the ultimate celebration of your love, it’s also – let’s be honest – really all about gathering your favorite people to share some of your favorite foods! If the traditional seated dinner doesn’t fit your personalities, a tasty lineup of bar-style options can save the day. Perfect for both main entrées and cocktail hour nibbles, a bar-style presentation also gives your guests a fun way to interact, as they “build their own” creation or let an on-site chef whip up something custom and fabulous. Including as much variety as possible is key, along with a clever presentation that we’re sure will also reflect a little of your personal style. Read on for some deliciously inviting possibilities!

  • If you’re considering bar-style for dinner’s main course, think a sushi bar (guests will be beyond thrilled), a decadent pasta bar or a slightly more casual pizza bar.
  • Bruschetta Bar: Offer toasted crostini and tons of delectable toppings such as cherry tomatoes, grated parmesan, red wine vinegar, olive oil, peppers and capers.
  • Taco Bar: Cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole suit every occasion, right? Add chicken, beef or shrimp, and let guests build their own.
  • Slider Bar: Assemble an all-out “fixins” bar for this smaller version of everybody’s favorite burger, along with fries or onion rings – also ideal for a late night after party. (You know you want to add a monogram to some cute fast food containers, right?)
  • Pickle Bar: Yes, pickles – what don’t they go with? You’ll be surprised how many varieties you’ll find, and how popular this unique idea will be with your guests!
  • Pretzel Bar: Serve different types of everyone’s favorite snack with a zesty variety of dips and sauces including cheese, sweet & sour, etc. (Hint: Pretzels are especially appealing for younger guests!)
  • Champagne Bar: Let’s call it champagne infusion – as in fresh fruits, or even popsicles as a cool-off treat during dancing, or a lighter alcoholic option for a spring wedding.
  • Charcuterie: It’s all the rage, and nothing beats this Mediterranean treat of meats, cheeses, fruits, chutney, jams, olives and pickles – with appropriate wine pairings, of course!
  • S’mores Bar: Nothing says love like a s’mores bar – with cute signage such as “S’more Hugs & Kisses” or “Love is Sweet.”
  • Fondue Bar: You’ll want to add a mix of bread, crostini and crudité with luscious fondues that might include cheese, chocolate and even white chocolate. Enough said.
  • Movie Buff Bar: If you and your new husband can’t get enough of the big screen, stage a popcorn bar (plain to start, with a tasty lineup of toppings in cute shakers).
  • Mimosa Bar: Not much encouragement needed here, just a bottomless supply of orange juice and bubbly!
  • Pancake & Waffle Bar: Picture heart-shaped waffles, a sweet medley of syrups, fruit toppings and a dash of powdered sugar.
  • Ice Cream Bar: Bring out the richest French vanilla ice cream you can find, with sprinkles, chocolate drops, cookie crumbles, hot fudge…you get the idea!
  • Omelet Bar: This is a must for a brunch wedding. Have a chef standing by for custom orders, with a wide selection of omelet fillings, including vegetarian options.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar: The perfect touch for a winter or holiday wedding, add all sizes and flavors of marshmallows, creamers and liqueurs.
  • Cupcake Bar: Picture small, pristine white cakes, ready to decorate with candy bar crumbles, sprinkles, small candies, favorite frostings and lots of love!
  • Biscuit Bar: Southern brides, rejoice! Bring on the biscuits, with your favorite jams and jellies (including your grandmother’s favorite recipe, of course)!