Radical Hospitality, Expanded

PHOTO BY Rachel Elisabeth Photography


The so-called “little” details matter.

Picture this: It’s raining. You’ve forgotten your umbrella, and you’re at an event. Your car is far enough, and it’s raining hard enough that this won’t be a fun “run” through the rain – plus you’ve got things to do next and you can’t just run right home, so the “wet cat” look isn’t high on your to-do list for the day. Just when you’ve got the resolve to sprint to your car, a person comes out of nowhere and offers to walk you to your car with an umbrella.

This magical human not only has saved you from a potential trip into a puddle, but has also made you feel like a guest that was simply surprised by an afternoon rainstorm, versus the foolish person you’ve been chiding yourself for being who forgot an umbrella. You make it to your car, dry, wave goodbye and the rest of your day doesn’t feel like a mess.

This type of incredible care and hospitality, radical hospitality as General Manager Ericka Edwards calls it, is exactly what WinMock at Kinderton and Sterling Events Group are known for. And, radical hospitality is exactly what will follow on the new adventure and partnership, managing events at Triple J Manor House.

While ownership is not changing with this exciting connection, Rebecca Kearns, director of weddings and social events, and Ericka are delighted to connect with new clients. “WinMock has a reputation of excellence,” said Rebecca. “Anticipating guest or client needs, never saying ‘I don’t know’ but finding the answer, and greeting every guest as he or she comes in are tiny pieces that make up the whole experience – we’re excited to bring that same attitude and love on the clients at Triple J!”

“Everyone that walks through our doors is a guest in our home,” said Ericka. “We hear that people are happy to see our event team there from the moment you walk on the property.” That umbrella example? Not a fictional story! “These small examples make up an experience, and [Triple J] is a great opportunity to continue a deep commitment to serving a community.”

Reviews can paint a fuller picture of this idea of radical hospitality and what to expect when working with this team. Amidst glowing reviews on wedding sites, one comment stands out: “[They] truly made us feel like we were the only couple getting married.” This connection to guests, community and the entire experience isn’t by chance, it’s by design. “All of this is built intentionally to support community,” said Ericka. When you’re thinking about your special day and beyond, that intention makes a world of difference.

The intention is embedded throughout the entire experience, beyond the small and mighty touches – when a wedding books The Inclusive Package, Providence Catering is the exclusive caterer. Providence runs and funds a culinary training program through Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC and offers a range of opportunities, including job seeking and placement for people restarting careers. This partnership with local non-profits is by design, further illustrating the deep connection to the community.

From personality, service, planning, mission and team, the synergy of WinMock and Sterling Events welcomes the clients – both current and upcoming – at Triple J Manor. When you’re looking for your wedding site or venue for a special event, remember those tiny details that make you feel as though you are a guest in your best friend’s home. Those are the details that your guests will remember and treasure.

For more information, please visit TripleJManorHouse.com, email hello@SterlingSpacesNC.com or call 336.397.2009.