Proposing to Your Bridesmaids?

Personalization, spontaneity and creativity are big keys in asking for bridesmaids, but sometimes you don’t want to be too predictable in doing so. Here are some novel ways to propose to your bridesmaids.


Surprise your lovely ladies with a package mailed to their doors. This can be a generic looking package, so they will be amazed when they see what’s in it:

  •     A card that will lovingly ask them to be their bridesmaid;
  •     Bubbly champagne to celebrate this joyous time and to kick back with your girlfriends;
  •     A planner to mark the big day;
  •     Confetti…why not?
  •     Customized makeup bag with their names, or “will you be my bridesmaid” if you don’t want to do a card. It’s up to you if you want to put makeup essentials in the bag or not. This package can include anything you want to add to make it memorable.


Go shopping, out to dinner, have a spa day or just a girls’ night in. Whatever you end up doing at some point during the fun, surprise your friends with a customized tote bag with a bridesmaids’ proposal. You can fill the tote bags with snacks and other wedding-related goodies such as decorated coffee mugs, clutches, bathrobes or a bath and body set. This will put the biggest smiles on their faces and will add more to your girls’ night! This is an ideal option if you’d rather see everyone’s reactions.


Reminisce with your girls by putting together a photo album of your greatest, most memorable moments. You can do a scrapbook if that’s more your flavor. Make it relatively short and enjoyable, and put your original poem on the very last page. Write the poem in any style you choose leading up to your bridesmaid proposal. Putting the proposal as the very last line makes it wonderfully priceless!


Help your bridesmaids-to-be put together the big picture with a proposal jigsaw puzzle! is a good place to begin when looking for customized puzzles. You can even add a photo of your choice! Have a small get-together with your future bridesmaids and have all of them put the puzzle together (yes, you can choose the dimensions and the number of puzzle pieces). Watch the picture come together as the puzzle spells out “Please be my bridesmaid?”


Try being a little more practical by offering bridesmaids’ gifts that will be useful on your wedding day, especially if an undesired situation surfaces. This can be a tote bag embellished with your bridesmaid proposal filled with necessities such as scarves, fragrances, a mini sewing kit, pain relievers, flat shoes (or soles), hem tape and hair pins or clips. This approach can be a lifesaver.


If you and your girls like to celebrate events and enjoy evenings with glasses of wine, this will be perfect! You can personalize the labels with each bridesmaid’s name, “Michelle, will you be my bridesmaid?”


Give your bridesmaids a good fortune with custom-made fortune cookies holding a personal message inside! You can add this to a “goodie bag” package with other gifts that will lead up to the proposal. They may never expect such a fortune!


If being so novel and spontaneous is not your fashion, just be old-fashioned. Mail a handwritten letter, make a random phone call or set up a lunch date with all of your bridesmaids-to-be and boldly ask them! Write a note with your proposal, and put it in a special place your friends will think to look. They may appreciate a simple, old school approach instead of something that may be too extravagant.

Remember to marry your bridesmaid proposal style to the personalities of your friends and have fun with making them part of your special day!