Priceless Photos: Moments Not to Miss!

Years from now when you skim through your wedding photos or pause to admire an engagement portrait hanging in your home, a flood of memories will return. That includes everything from the moment he slipped on your engagement ring (and many grooms are secretly having their proposals photographed as well!) to the champagne toast you shared in the limousine. You’ll suddenly think back to each moment in between and realize some of the most romantic memories are often the simplest and smallest. We’ve got some ideas on what not to miss!

  • Number one rule: Besides the traditional (yes, posed) family and wedding party shots, put candid photos at the top of your photographer’s list. A smile, a tear, a hand reaching out, an impromptu hug or even the wind catching the bride’s veil … those are often the sweetest expressions of the love you are celebrating!
  • Engagement photos are wonderful for reflecting your personalities, and the options are endless: outside the restaurant of your first date, strolling the lawn in front of your new home or at a favorite local landmark. If you love the outdoors, schedule your photo session at a farm or in a park.
  • Schedule a photographer for your gown shopping day and let them capture your real emotions as you search for – and find! – your dream gown.
  • While you’re putting together your honeymoon trousseau, consider letting your photographer shoot some “boudoir” images of you – something for your groom’s eyes only, of course!
  • Pet lovers, don’t miss a photo opportunity with your dog on the big day, especially if he’s sporting a cute tie or flower collar!
  • Include your makeup stylist putting the finishing touches on your wedding look on the photo must-have list.
  • Capture your mother sharing her diamond earrings as your “something borrowed.”
  • Document the sentimental moment you and the groom receive gifts from each other the morning of the wedding.
  • Don’t miss this if you’re truly blessed with three generations (or even four) gathering for the big day: you, your mother and your grandmother.
  • Capture your reception venue as vendors arrive and begin their transformation of your site into something magical. You’ll be amazed at the step-by-step images later, especially if you only got to see the finished product.
  • It goes without saying, but your “first look” moment may be the most special image of all.
  • Suggest your photographer capture guests’ reactions as you enter the ceremony – with a photo assistant positioned somewhere near the front.
  • Create your own wedding hashtag and invite your guests to share their photos from the day on Instagram (wild and crazy shots from the dance floor are guaranteed!).
  • We bet you’ve seen pictures of a flower girl or ring bearer getting a first glance at the beautiful – and tempting – wedding cake! Have your photographer waiting just around the corner.
  • Take a shot of your signature cocktails sitting side-by-side.
  • What’s the ultimate “fun” photography? Adding a photo booth for guests to create their own candids, with some carefully chosen props, will leave you with a wild array of memories!
  • Ask that your photographer zero in on the details: a single flower arrangement, a lavish entrée, a menu card or place card with beautiful calligraphy. You’ll want to remember every element you worked so hard to include.
  • If you’re marrying outdoors, go for a full, aerial shot!
  • Everyone loves a romantic getaway shot, whether you’re departing by vintage car, chic convertible, elegant limousine or a charming golf cart.