Photo RAMIT Productions


Picture this: You’re hosting a party, an event – even your wedding – and you know you have so many incredible and fun friends, so you can’t wait for the photos. You get them back from your incredible photographer – who truly is incredible – but you know, you just know some memories were missed. And, some of those friends aren’t in the photos because that photographer is just one (or even two, with an assistant) person that can only capture so many moments.

This is just one of the (many) reasons people get a photo booth. What is a photo booth, you might be thinking? You’ve probably experienced it at a recent wedding or event – or even on a trip to the beach or a theme park! It used to be a vending machine that was coin-operated and contained a camera and film processor. Now, photo booths, include backdrops, props – both digital and actual – instant sharing and more – replace the quarter-run cramped boxes that I distinctly remember cramming myself into at a museum in Austin, Texas with six other people.

But, with so many options out there right now, how do you know what works, what’s a good fit and how to even start? I had a chance to chat with Margie Mejia with Photo RAMIT Productions and learned more about this growing trend.

“It’s an entertaining way to capture memories,” said Margie. “We’ve been doing this for three years, and our goal is to enhance those special events in a unique, modern and fun way.”

Photo RAMIT Productions does exactly that. With three different state-of-the-art photo booths, they have packages that help you make your special event unique with everything from “standard” options – unlimited digital photos, photo templates with personalized information, beautiful backdrops, props, GIFS – all the way to green screen, videos, live slideshows and social media sharing, personalized memory books and something called the “Augmented Reality,” which can insert a person that is not at the event – maybe the newlyweds or birthday person to create a design unique to the event!

When a couple is looking to add a photo booth option, Margie encourages them to first contact via email, which leads to a customization call. During this call, Margie learns more about the event and discusses the different services available to help ensure a wonderful time. “While we do several events a weekend,” cautions Margie, “letting us know your date as soon as possible will help you obtain the booth you want as we can book up to two years in advance.”

The vibe with Photo RAMIT Productions is to work with their clients and prospective clients – “making it work” for clients seems to be a repeating theme throughout their services. “Clients and prospective clients should always reach out. We have a lot of options,” said Margie, “And, talking about personality is hard over email.” This personalization and connection are evident throughout past customers. “All of my guests loved it, and I get a wonderful keepsake of memories of my guests,” said Elaine Jimenez. “They go out of their way to personalize everything and turn your photo booth into a dream come true.”

You might be thinking, “Well, I could do this with a selfie stick and a camera.” While that might be true – and there are a lot of photo booths popping up in the area, none have the reviews and raves like Photo RAMIT Productions. “There’s a lot that goes into the experience, with the attendants, tech and personalization,” said Margie. From the rave review mentioned earlier to consistent five start reviews and phrases like, “my guests loved it!” and “PERFECTION” and one big one – “I have never in my life laughed harder than when I looked at the guest book they sent us. What an amazing way to remember our big day,” – those years of experience have paid off in a high-quality experience. As one review put it, “What an amazing day to remember [your] big day.”

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