Photo Posing Tips

Photos are probably one of the most important parts of your wedding day; we want to remember all of the amazing moments, and those candid shots can’t be contrived.

But, what about the posed photos? How can we look effortless, natural, sophisticated, fun AND the best version of ourselves?

If all of that feels overwhelming, don’t worry! We asked local photographers for their best photo posing tips and pulled them all together for you in one neat list. Read on and have one less thing to worry about on your amazing day!

“My absolute biggest suggestion is to be certain to take family photos that *do not* include your new spouse. Yes. You just married them. But, trust me when I say that they do not have to be in every photo taken.” ~ Vanessa McCormick

“Do a pre-bridal wedding photo with hair and makeup slightly different from the planned wedding day arrangements. Most brides that I see get a tad bored with seeing so many photos of the same day and sincerely enjoy having another photo of themselves in their dress with some different hair and makeup. All brides love options.” ~ Ansley Staudt


“Always tell men what to do with their hands in the photo. Otherwise, they just instinctively put them in front and that’s the pose – I call it the ‘fig leaf pose.’” ~ Rachael Fern

“I focus a lot on composition which takes away from having to focus too much on precise posing – weddings are hectic and very limited on time to do anything that takes the couple away from their guests. My technique is to connect with them at a bestie level on their wedding day, and I assure them I’ll walk them through prompts. It’s never something they’d do as a couple! I make sure it feels like them 100%.” ~ Karen Salinas

“Lean *toward* the camera ever so slightly, always. People instinctively lean away when something is pointed at them. This makes the body look big and the head look small. When in doubt, leaning towards the camera will always produce more flattering results.” ~ Betsy Black

“If you are getting married outdoors and want lovely photos, meet with your photographer before you schedule a time for the wedding ceremony! Good lighting makes a huge difference, and getting married at noon won’t give you that.” ~ Cyndi Eller

“I like to show the rings on the couple’s hands if they’re embracing in an organic way. Sometimes that means the bride’s hand shows the ring. Another is to tilt the bouquet whenever you’re holding it, so the head shows more than the side view – this makes the bouquet look fuller! Finally, with the men and those poses – when they put their hands in their pockets, I ask them to have their thumbs showing instead of putting their thumbs in their pockets, and not to push their hands too hard or deep into the pocket to keep the clean lines of their pants.” ~ Kris Fulk


“Always check the groom and groomsmen pockets before photos – phones and keys show up in photos. I always suggest serious and silly photos, depending on the couple. I send a questionnaire beforehand to get a better idea of them and what they are like.” ~ April Bentley


“Always lean slightly towards the camera, from the chest and shoulders. It’s universally flattering and keeps the dreaded double chin at bay. Don’t forget to breathe! I also learned a trick from an actor client of mine – when your smile starts to feel a little forced or unnatural, say the word ‘smile’ out loud while you’re smiling, and it will make your smile look more natural on camera. It also has a tendency to feel a little silly and make you smile or laugh for real. Either way, it’s a win!” ~ Katie Dickson