Once You’ve Found the Dress…

As a bride, you will be asked time and time again about your dress. Have you been dress shopping yet? What kind of dress do you want? Who are you going to take with you to try on dresses? What is your budget? Have you thought about wearing your mother’s dress? The questions continue, but choosing the right wedding dress should be a very personal experience that you share with those closest to you, without feeling pressured to bring along anyone who may make you second guess your opinions, or who may make you feel badly about your limited budget or physical imperfections.

While you will face endless questions about the dress, you will be asked very few questions about the rest of your planned attire. Though it would be incredibly inappropriate for someone to ask you about your wedding day undergarments, it is something you should give some serious thought to. You want to be comfortable, but elegant, and you want to make sure whatever you choose will work with your dress.

If you’ve chosen something form fitting, you need to think about the best way to hide underwear lines such as with seamless underwear or a thong. If you’ve chosen a plunging neckline, make sure your bra will not be showing; or have cups sewn into your dress, so you can ditch the bra all together.

You’ll then move on to the shoes. You want shoes that are comfortable yet special. Make sure you have your dress altered while wearing your shoes to ensure the length will be just right. You don’t want your dress to be too short on your wedding day because you decided to switch to higher heels at the last minute.

The best way to keep it all straight is by not waiting too late to make decisions. In many cases, wedding dress boutiques suggest you leave several months between choosing your dress and your wedding date. This leaves time for the dress to come in, alterations to be done, several fittings, bridal portraits, etc. The best plan is to choose all the accessories you’ll need on your big day close to the time you choose your dress, so it will all be set ahead of time. Many bridal salons offer many of these products, so you can try them on along with the dress. If not, you can try any lingerie store and bring your dress along with you.

Once you have all of these details figured out, you’ll be able to focus on more important things, like deciding which items will be considered old, new, borrowed and blue! Hint: Most brides choose a blue garter to “hide” the blue while still sticking with tradition. You can also include blue hydrangeas in your bouquet or a pale blue barrette in your hair.