Music for Every Aspect of Your Big Day 

Planning, planning, planning and details, details, details…that must mean there is a wedding in your future. While there are many obvious items to check off your list, sometimes it is the details within the obvious that slip by. If you are planning to have music on your special day, here are some things to consider:

  • If you are having a church wedding, do not assume that when you book the date it automatically includes the organist. You will need to verify that the organist is available.
  • If you choose not to have the organist play, or want him along with a string quartet or other types of music, then you will need to coordinate that with all involved. If possible, ask each musician to be at the rehearsal.
  • Vocalist during the ceremony? Is she providing her own accompaniment or is it something you will need to plan for?
  • For an outdoor ceremony, the setting may be the determining factor on the type of music that will work.
  • Choosing the pieces you want played during the ceremony is very important, especially if there are definite songs that are meaningful to you. If you do not have any particular pieces in mind, research music on the Internet or ask those who will be providing it for suggestions.
  • In planning the music for the reception, keep in mind the tone you want to set. If you have a theme for your wedding, it can set the mood for the type of music you will want to hear.
  • While guests are arriving, eating and socializing, soft background music is always a good choice.
  • Choose carefully the songs you want played during any special dances you are having – bride and groom’s first dance, bride with father, etc. “Our” song may be fine at some point during the reception, but may not be the perfect choice for your first dance together as husband and wife.
  • If you are having a DJ, make sure you give him a list of the songs you do not want to hear and the genre of music you prefer.
  • If you are having live music, make sure you have heard the group – do not go on someone’s recommendation alone. When hiring a band, make sure they can play the special songs on your list.
  • With either choice, work out the particulars – how long will they perform before taking a break; will there be other music played during that time; do they expect to have food and drinks provided; if they have set hours to play, is there an extra overtime charge besides their hourly rate if you add time; and do they need any special equipment provided at the venue?
  • It is imperative to have signed, binding contracts – an agreement over the phone means nothing if a better gig comes along. Check in with them at least a week before your wedding to make sure everything is still set.

Most importantly, have fun – once all the planning and details have come together, and you are married, it is time to relax, smile and party!