Which Month is Best for My Wedding?

Even before they are engaged, most people will already have an idea as to the time of year they want to get married. After all, this is one of the first decisions a couple will make regarding their wedding. Your special day might be during a winter snowfall or a sunny summer day on the beach. Whatever suits your fancy, there are still important things to consider when deciding on your perfect wedding month. For example, during April and May, prices for venues and vendors can be higher, because it is the beginning of wedding season. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the various wedding months.

Winter – December, January and February:

During winter, it is the end of one year and the beginning of the next. So, what better time to get married and start a new life, right? You might want to think again. Pros for a winter wedding include beautiful scenery with snow and festive decorations, the ability to negotiate prices and more availability for vendors and venues because of less wedding competition. Also, you can be very creative regarding your reception menu. Think hot chocolate, comfort foods and family recipes. These items will help bring a sense of nostalgia and holiday memories to your attendees. However, speaking of the holidays, it can also be a con. You are competing with Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, family travels and more. For your guests, you might want to think about how far they will have to travel to your location and the accommodations they might have to make if they need to spend the night. Traveling during this time of the year is higher and can be affected by the weather. Depending on your venue location, getting snowed in at your wedding could happen. Also, it will be cold. If your wedding is outdoors, consider getting heaters and tents for your guests.

Spring – March, April and May:

As mentioned above, spring is the start of wedding season, and things will get busy. Venues and vendors will get booked up fast by other couples. However, like winter, you can’t beat the scenery, especially with all the flowers in bloom. Don’t forget the weather is unpredictable – a possible cold front could come through, or a quick rain shower could interrupt your plans. Also, if allergies bother you, spring might not be the best option for your wedding. You don’t want to be sneezing while walking down the aisle. Remember due to the popularity of the season, a springtime wedding needs to be planned well in advance and be prepared for an increase in prices.

Summer – June, July and August:

Did you know that June is the most popular month for weddings? Hint, hint, this is something to pay attention to if you are set on a summer wedding. You will be getting married in the midst of a very busy wedding season. These three months offer many advantages, such as longer days, warm weather and more relaxed schedules for guests. Often guests will better be able to attend destination weddings or locations that are farther away. However, vacation plans may come into conflict with your date. Summer is an excellent season for outdoor and evening events. Another pro is the abundance of flowers in season with at least one for every color scheme. Lastly, utilize the fresh foods that are in season for your reception. Think fresh fruits, vegetables and more. As for the cons, be aware of hotter temperatures and possible health concerns for your wedding attendees. Also, there is nothing worse than a sweaty and sticky wedding party and guests. Finally, a summer wedding shares the similarities of spring with requiring advanced planning and a price incline.

Fall – September, October and November:

Fall is a favorite season for many. The weather is cooler, but not yet freezing, and falling leaves are the optimal setting for wedding pictures. During this time of the year, there are more choices for unique themes and creative décor. Deeper color schemes are more appropriate (think jewel tones), prices are beginning to decrease, saving you some money and the fall weather is fairly predictable and beautiful. The cons include possible scheduling conflicts with the beginning of a new school year, Halloween and Thanksgiving, days getting shorter and fewer flowers in season. In addition, more fall weddings are held at indoor venues, which means more competition in bookings.

The bottom line is that no matter what month you decide to have your wedding in, it will be gorgeous and memorable. Just make sure your special day is planned at a time when there are few obstacles and more happy moments.