The Modern Day Bride’s Favorite Hair and Makeup Trends


Bridal trends come and go, but some trends make an appearance and you know, these are the trends that are in it for the long haul. Certain looks have that iconic, classic style about them, and we are celebrating some of our favorites as well as giving tips on how to prepare for your hair and makeup practice run!

Top Trends For Hair/Makeup:

  1. The Modern French Twist — I love how it’s loosely formed and has volume and texture. Today’s version has an awesome modern flare to it!
  1. Bright, Berry Lipstick — This is the “new red” lipstick these days and a huge trend for brides. With a variety of shades to choose from, there’s a berry lip color perfect for every complexion. Brides can choose from a brighter berry lip or a dark berry lip depending on the look they are going for.
  1. Lash Extensions — They last four to five weeks depending on how well they are cared for. Fill-ins can be done every four to five weeks. They are great because they will not only last for the wedding, but through the honeymoon, as well!
  1. Braids — There are so many ways to incorporate braids for both the bride and her bridesmaids. Whether the look is half up, half down, a bohemian up style or the entire do is a braid — the options are endless. Braids can be made to be loose and look naturally effortless. Dutch, French and fishtail braids are the most popular, and they are great looks for spring and summer.

Things Brides Need To Do Leading Up To Their Trial/Bridal Portrait/Wedding Day For The Hair and Makeup:

  1. Facials — Get facials done every five to six weeks leading up to your wedding. It makes the biggest difference for your skin and makeup.
  1. Brows — It’s so important to get your brows waxed or threaded (and any other facial hair treatment) a week before your portraits/wedding day.
  1. Hair Color and Trim — Make sure to get your hair colored and trimmed a week or two before your portraits/wedding.
  1. Water — Drink plenty of water! It keeps your skin hydrated and makes the biggest difference.

Things To Do To Prepare For Your Trial Run:

  1. Clean Hair — It’s such a misconception that stylists like dirty hair to work with. So, please come with clean hair to your trial. Do not flat iron it beforehand, or your curl will not take well.
  1. Exfoliate — Be sure to exfoliate your face a few days before your trial, and apply moisturizer before your makeup trial.
  1. Be Prepared — Come prepared with pictures of hair and makeup styles of the look you want. It helps gives the stylist guidance.
  1. Jewelry and Veil — Be sure to bring your jewelry and veil, so the full effect can be seen during the trial.
  1. Have Fun — Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the process. Be open with your stylist and makeup artist about your preferences so that she can give you your desired look for your special day.



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