McNoldy Photo

Choosing a wedding photographer will likely be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your wedding. It will also likely be one of the more expensive items on your budget list. The reason behind both of these statements is that wedding photography is irreplaceable. You will never have a second chance to get it right. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event, and your wedding photography is as well.

In 2014, Samantha McNoldy started McNoldy Photo after developing a love for the artform and through her commercial photography studies at Appalachian State University. “I became passionate about capturing moments in my life as well as my friends’ and family’s lives,” said Samantha. “I loved the idea of being able to look back at my images years from that moment and reflect and remember it. I became intrigued with the challenge of a wedding and the large-scale nature of the event when studying weddings and then learning how to capture them. It wasn’t until after I captured a few weddings that I developed a true passion for the beauty and love behind wedding photography. There is nothing more special than witnessing and documenting two souls joining as one. The wedding industry is growing and is such an awesome community to be a part of.”

Samantha’s business model truly puts the client first, and she allows her clients to do what makes them most comfortable and confident. “I capture bridal portraits in the places that are most special to my brides,” said Samantha. “Oftentimes, this could be their wedding venue where they are to marry the love of their lives or a favorite local park. My personal favorite locations have been in the Mountain Tops of Boone and local gardens/parks in the bloom of spring/change of fall. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous nature backdrop. I do not pose my clients when we have a session or event. I let them be themselves and, in moments of nervousness or confusion, I help guide them in showing their personalities. This allows every photo that I capture to be unique as the people that I am capturing are all unique in their own way.”

Many photographers have a handful of locations they use, specific shots they recommend no matter who the client is and lighting techniques that never vary. Samantha McNoldy is different and in the best way possible! “I love capturing the raw emotions of my clients and the unique touch that brings to my photos,” said Samantha. “Whether it’s laughing at a funny moment during family formals or sharing a tender moment with the bride and groom as they hug, kiss and smile through their portraits, I don’t like to over-complicate poses or lighting, and that’s why I am a sucker for natural light. I like to keep things simple and elegant as that shows the true beauty that is in the detail of everything I capture.”

Samantha offers professional wedding and portrait photography services including engagements, bridals, weddings and elopements. She also photographs family portraits, senior portraits, couple portraits to name a few!

Additionally, Samantha is a true people person! “I love coffee, adventurous things and making new friends,” she said. “I enjoy grabbing coffee at local coffee shops with my clients while planning a shoot or discussing wedding details. Anything that gets me outdoors, I thoroughly enjoy, from mountain biking to hiking to travel. I love creating new relationships and getting to know new people; this is why every client that I book becomes a dear friend to me.”

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