How to Make Your Non-Bridal Party Members Feel Special!

Having your loved ones and most precious friends at your wedding is an absolute must when planning for your big day. While including family and friends in your bridal party is naturally going to happen, there can only be so many people standing up beside the bride and groom when it comes down to it! Yet, that often leaves out some very important people who have shown you love and support that you’d like to have play a part in your wedding.

So, how do you include those special people in your life who mean so much?

Invite them to be a part of your ceremony or reception.

They may not be standing by your side in matching dresses or suits, but there are plenty of opportunities to have them join the festivities. Finding a way to showcase the talents of some of your guests can not only provide an opportunity to bring some personality to your ceremony but can help make someone feel important, as well. Think of who you and your groom-to-be know that has a special talent that would fit into your needs. Maybe your aunt has played the piano for most of her life or your childhood best friend’s father is a pastor?

Here are a few different ways to invite someone special to be part of your day:  

●    Sing a meaningful song

●    Lead everyone in a special prayer

●    Read a passage of scripture

●    Perform a piece of music

●    Recite a poem or excerpt from a book

●    Design or sew something for the bride to wear

●    Invite them to serve as an usher

Honor them with a unique tribute.

Gone are the days where couples spend their time trying to follow traditions perfectly and feeling like they have to stay in line with old formalities. Your wedding day is about who you are as a couple, so have fun finding unique ways to honor guests. Think about the style of your wedding and the personality of you and your future husband’s loved ones, and go from there.

●    Honor them at the rehearsal dinner with a speech

●    Have corsages and/or boutonnieres made for them

●    Leave a personalized note at their place setting

●    Formally escort them to their seats at the ceremony

●    Mention them specifically in your “thank you” toast

●    Place something unique on their reception seat

●    Create special favors just for honorariums