Letter from the Editor

From graduations to vacations, COVID has caused a lot of event cancellations this past year— but the one that has caught couples off guard the most is weddings.  From the family, friends and wedding party to the vendors for planning, florals, photography, food, music… rarely does so much planning go into one day.   Couples all over the world have had to change plans and either delay or change the day they’ve been dreaming of and looking forward to for their whole lives.   As their plans had to change, so did the plans of every vendor working with them. Just like most businesses, the wedding industry has taken a hit they couldn’t have possibly seen coming.

As they have had to change, so have we. Our team has done a lot of pivoting these last few months and we are pleased to bring you our latest pivot! Within the pages of this issue of Forsyth Woman, you’ll find a beautiful, first-ever FW Engaged section! Tabatha tells us how to make lemon wedding cake out of lemons and I can’t get enough of her optimism! To borrow a quote from her article… “the purpose of a wedding is to be a public declaration of commitment and enduring love, and it’s hard to imagine a more powerful testament to the durability of two people’s bond than the story of how they survived a pandemic together, endured the hardships it presented, and made personal sacrifices for the greater good.”

This section is full of local wedding vendors, engagement and wedding celebrations (I bet you’ll find a couple or two you know!), and much more! Stay tuned for lots of online exclusive articles dropping over the next few months, as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages – @fwengaged— for up-to-date and relevant content to help you plan your big day!

Global pandemic or not, our mission remains the same: celebrating LOVE and celebrating local weddings of all sizes and styles! As always, if you find yourself getting caught up in the stress of wedding planning, take a deep breath, and remember what this day is really all about.

We would absolutely love to feature your wedding or engagement photo in a future issue—email it to me! brooke@forsythmags.com

Cheers to you on your upcoming wedding!