Left Lane Productions: Helping Brides Say “Yes” to No Wedding Stress

By the time a bride gets engaged, she probably already has many ideas for her wedding in her head. Then, once the planning begins, hours might be spent on Pinterest, the Knot and other wedding websites. With plenty of ideas for weddings, it can be easy for a bride to feel overwhelmed at the thought of making her dreams a reality. However, never fear, Left Lane Productions, a premier wedding and event-planning boutique in Thomasville, is here to help!

Established in 2011, Owner Jessica Nance always had a passion for wedding and event planning. She combined this love with her experience in logistics and organizing events, gained while serving in the US Army, and created Left Lane Productions.

“We are an all-inclusive wedding and event-planning boutique,” said Nance. “In addition, we offer directing, venue management, floral design and tuxedo rentals. We can help couples from start to finish in their wedding, from set up and clean up to flower arrangements. It’s our job to plan their dream wedding and take the weight off their shoulders.”

The company offers different packages that include various services for brides and grooms. For example, the Total Wedding Package is all-inclusive with Left Lane Productions handling your flowers, linens, set up, clean up, photographer, catering and more. In addition, this package includes a full team to make sure your big day is perfect, letting you relax and enjoy what you have envisioned versus being stressed. Another offered package is the My Perfect Day: Directing Package. This option includes one venue walk through, two wedding directors, pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception coordination and direction, vendor recommendations and coordination, and more. Both packages include a free consultation and a payment plan for couples.

“We are unique in the sense that we offer a payment plan because many companies don’t,” said Nance. “Some brides think having a wedding planner and/or director is too expensive and won’t work with their budget. We suggest adding this service to their budget to start with because we can save you thousands of dollars on your venue, flowers, etc. We pass our vendor savings to our clients. Brides need to simply start with a free consultation. This gives them a chance to be open and ask questions in a judgment-free environment.”

Along with factoring a wedding planner and director into the budget, Nance suggests brides not be scared to inquire and ask questions about this service before deciding who to choose. In addition, she recommends knowing the value of what you are getting. For example, are you paying for all-day assistance or for the ceremony only? Lastly, Nance offers the advice of knowing you can’t do it yourself and that relatives aren’t great options for directors. Instead, it is best to bring in the professionals.

“This is one of the biggest days of a person’s life, and it is impossible for them to worry about when the caterer will arrive or how to handle all of the family dynamics while getting ready,” said Nance. “Everyone at Left Lane Productions is trained to handle all kinds of situations. Our team is familiar with the psychology of high emotions and can serve as a type of counselor or friend. We are certified planners through The Bridal Society and keep up to date on the latest styles, education and research.”

When it comes to planning weddings, Left Lane Productions works closely with clients to incorporate their ideas into their big day. They also help create a custom timeline to make sure no formality or idea is left undone.

“During the free consultation, we like to talk with the bride and make sure we are right for them and vice versa,” said Nance. “Your wedding is so special and intimate that you want to choose the planner and director who best matches you or makes you feel comfortable and confident. Then, we discuss your ideas and talk through your style, color scheme, floral design, etc. I like to have brides share their Pinterest boards with us, which helps us see what they are thinking and how we can turn those ideas into realistic expectations. Over the next several months, there are general planning appointments and meetings with all the vendors. For each client, we make a custom timeline. Our team is willing to travel to venues and destination weddings, if needed. Even though we are based in the Triad, we have traveled to the coast, mountains, Charlotte and Virginia.”

According to Nance, planning changes are possible and can be made even on the wedding day. In addition, the team is able to react to obstacles and help the event flow as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to wedding planning, one of your first decisions is choosing and starting to work with your planner and director. The team at Left Lane Productions is committed to working with brides and grooms from start to finish. Their goal is to give you the best wedding day possible.

Left Lane Productions is located at 6 Randolph Street in Thomasville (by appointment). Call 336.858.3834 and visit online at leftlanepro.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.