Good Vendor Relationships and Why They’re Important

The people you hire to help you with your wedding day can make, or in some situations, break your wedding day bliss. While no one sets out to ruin a bride and groom’s wedding, some people just do not see the vision you have for your wedding and try to take over a little too much. Avoiding this is simple – make sure you do more than simply research your vendors online. This means attending bridal shows, making phone calls and setting up meetings BEFORE signing any contracts.

You may not think you need to do this much just to hire a professional for your wedding day, and you may not if you have a personality that seems to mesh with many others. However, if you do not do the extra legwork upfront, you might regret some of the decisions you make later.

–   Remember that your vendors will have many different personalities that will have to combine to create the perfect day. In some situations, your vendors will actually work together. When you find one vendor, who seems to understand you completely, ask him or her who is recommended for other areas. Chances are, he or she has worked with dozens of vendors and knows who can be trusted and who will best achieve your goals for your wedding day.

–   Make sure your vendors understand and accept your budget. The last thing you want to be hit with is added, last minute costs. This should be clear in your contracts, but be sure you look out for any clause or statement that opens the door for extra fees you may not expect.

–   Ask for references. Some vendors may have reviews to show you or may be reviewed online by pleased and displeased customers. This will allow you to see why other brides were disappointed and if their complaints were valid.

–   Choose vendors who understand your goals. If your vendor consistently tries to talk you into something you never planned to have, it can be a bad sign. Some vendors will encourage you to add more and more to the big day or try to change your opinions about colors, music or food. While this can be helpful if you feel like you are clueless about how to plan the entire day, it can also take the general idea you had in your head and steer it in a direction you ultimately will not be happy with.

The most important thing to remember is to avoid signing any contracts until you are sure you are making the right decision. But, don’t wait too long! Many of the best vendors will have limited availability, so you may miss out if you remain indecisive. Bring along a close friend, parent and your future spouse to help you make decisions like these. They know you best and will able to spot issues with potential vendors if you happen to be wearing rose-colored glasses!