Giving Your Guests a Warm Welcome to Your Wedding

A couple’s wedding day is a very special time in their lives. It’s a day all about them, their love and sharing their happiness with family and friends. During your wedding festivities, keep in mind that your guests are taking time out of their schedules to attend your wedding. In return, you and your groom need to welcome your attendees and thank them for coming. One way to do this is by creating welcome bags. These favors are a nice gesture to help make your wedding personal and memorable. Also, they make great souvenirs to remember the special day. When it comes to these gifts, there are some items that are usually included, such as a welcome letter. However, one thing is important – make them unique and personalized to you. Let’s take a look at some of the must-haves and individualized ideas for welcome bags.

  • First, a welcome bag doesn’t have to be in a bag. Get creative and think outside of the box. One option to use is a decorative box. Also, tote bags, gift bags and mini wine crates make great containers. If the majority of your guests are traveling and going to be staying overnight, consider something that would be easy to carry and pack in a suitcase. Don’t forget to figure out the details for how your guests will receive their bags and who will receive a bag. Maybe you arrange for the tokens to already be in the attendees’ hotel rooms when they arrive or maybe leave them at the front desk for guests to pick up when they check-in. For recipients who are staying in a hotel, you don’t have to have a bag per person. For a couple sharing a room, only one welcome bag is appropriate. If two singles are sharing a room and don’t have plus ones, then they will each get their own. Just keep in mind the cost because it can add up quickly. For this, you’ll need to take into account the bags and the items you will be including. Also, be aware of possible hotel and concierge fees for delivering.
  • A very common element of this tradition is a welcome letter. This piece is designed as a “thank you” note to your guests. Also, for out-of-town guests, it includes an itinerary for all the events and various details. In addition, the letter can include suggestions for local restaurants, activities and sights. Lastly, a map around town and directions to get to the venues are key. Talk with your local visitor’s center to see if they are willing to donate any literature for you to put into the favors. After you have the welcome letter, there are no limits for what a welcome bag should include.
  • One option is to create a welcome bag with particular items from your hometown and/or home state. For example, a Winston-Salem-specific welcome bag could contain Moravian cookies, little bottles of Cheerwine and Texas Pete, and coupons for Krispy Kreme. This is a great way for guests to get to know more about the couple and their background. Plus, out-of-town attendees are able to learn about another city and/or state. Support local businesses while planning on your pieces. Some ideas are fresh produce from farmers or something handmade, like soaps, candles or chocolates.
  • If your wedding has a theme, connect it to your welcome bags. Another option is to put items from your wedding’s season into the bags. For a Christmas wedding, you could include candy canes, packs of hot chocolate and a small gift, such as a picture frame. This tip can work for any season, holiday or month. Think about what people like about that certain time of the year and personalize it to fit your likes. If your wedding’s theme is centered around a book, movie or place, again think about what makes that unique and memorable, such as adding in wands for a Harry Potter-themed wedding.
  • Other frequent objects to incorporate are a sweet snack, a salty snack, a beverage (usually water or a mini bottle of wine or champagne), breath mints, stain remover pens, hand sanitizer and first aid supplies, such as Band-Aids and Advil.

Wedding welcome bags are a special tradition to make your out-of-town guests feel more included on your day. There are many options for what these gifts can include. Just make sure they are one of a kind to you, your groom and your wedding.