Forsyth Woman Engaged! is a complimentary publication printed twice per year. Our mission is to celebrate and support the local wedding industry.

  • Keela Johnson
    Keela Johnson
    Publisher (Forsyth Woman)
  • Brooke Eagle
    Brooke Eagle
    Associate Editor & Account Executive

Account Executives, Graphic Artists, & Editors

  • Aron Daniels
    Aron Daniels
    Graphic Artist
  • Kim Beane
    Kim Beane
    Content Editor
  • Alexis Snow
    Alexis Snow
    Special Issues Account Management
  • Heather Spivey
    Heather Spivey
    Account Executive
  • Morgan Bralley
    Morgan Bralley
    Account Executive
  • Tamara Bodford
    Tamara Bodford
    Account Executive


  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor
    Editorial & Public Relations Coordinator
  • Denise Heidel
    Denise Heidel
    Senior Writer
  • Meghan Corbett
    Meghan Corbett
    Senior Writer
  • Martie Emory
    Martie Emory
  • Sara Wiles
    Sara Wiles
  • Susan Woodall
    Susan Woodall
  • Tabatha Renegar
    Tabatha Renegar
  • Vonda Henderson
    Vonda Henderson