Forsyth Woman Engaged! – Your Portable Planning Tool


If you’re reading this right now, congratulations! You are either planning your wedding or someone close to you is, and you are playing an important, helpful role. You are off to a great start because you picked up this copy of Forsyth Woman Engaged!

Naturally, you were attracted to our gorgeous cover photo. And, perhaps you have even flipped through and caught a glimpse of some beautiful venues and happy people. Maybe even recognized someone you know on page 72! But, we hope that you’ll use FWE – this issue and past issues – as a sort of portable planner that you carry with you throughout your planning process.

Step one is to buy some multi-colored sticky notes, and have them handy when you sit down with FWE. When you see something you like, whether it’s a full-page advertisement for wedding jewelry or a chair style in the background that you simply must have at your reception, marking it with a sticky note will ensure that you come back to it later and won’t have to flip through dozens of pages trying to remember where you saw it!

If you’re really organized, you could even color-coordinate your stickies so that you know that the green tabs on Brookstown Inn (page 11), Medalloni Cellars (page 55) and WinMock (page 66) are the venues you’ve narrowed down to, and the pink tabs on Christina’s Dessertery (page 9) and the cupcakes on page 41 are cake and dessert options you want to explore!

Of course, our advertisers are a terrific source for the services you will need, but there are details in the articles and celebrations that can also be helpful to you. Did you happen to notice that Hannah and Travis’ wedding cake on page 77 is on a floral swing? Or, that Elizabeth on page 47 has the exact bridal bouquet you are hoping to find? You might think you’ll remember that you love these ideas in a few months when you start working on your décor plan and meeting floral designers, but by then, you will have seen so many ideas, they could get lost. Mark it now, so you can come back to it later! Essentially, you can use FWE the same way you use Pinterest…and we know you do! Maybe you can even create a twin copy of FWE for your wedding planner with your favorite things highlighted or starred for him/her to research for you!

Rip us up. That’s right, we won’t mind if you tear some pages out of this issue. If you are the bride or wedding planner who carries around the fat, three-ringed binder with sections for the various elements of your event, then we have pocket fillers! Put the article about event furniture in your rentals section (page 16), the guide on alcohol quantities (page 24) fits with your catering information and the ideas for your bridal shower (page 27) is just plain fun to read with a concept or two that you might want to steal! Tape it to your dressing table mirror, so you don’t forget to plan a girls’ night out!

We don’t mind! Whether it’s a rainbow of sticky notes, folded-in pages or handwritten notes in Sharpie ink, we want FWE to be much more than just a pretty magazine on your coffee table. We want it to be your partner in the exciting and busy months spent planning your wedding day!